Empire 999 TE/X Cartridge

This is what came with the TT i got of ebay and I want to know if it's worth saving. It doesn't sound good, but I figure that could be the stylus.

If I get a new cartridge, it'd be a Grado Black, so that's the comparison.
Treat yourself to a new crtg. The Empire`s an antique. I doubt you`ll find a replacement stylus.
I see a replacement stylus for $20 on ebay, but am still leaning towards the Grado. The Empire does have better specs - smaller stylus, wider frequency response, more channel separation. Of course, specs don't tell the whole story, and the Grado would be brand new.

Hmmm...any more opinions? Anyone know anything specific about this cartridge?
Empire was never a heavyweight in the crtg. mkt. Crtg. specs might be more bogus than cable technology.