Empire 598 Tonearm choice

I am looking for a tonearm for the Empire 598 turntable, I would appreciate any recommendations.
The unit that I have does not have one.

easy swap should be with AudioTechnica 5001. Rek-o-kut arms are made to fit Empire decks.


This is the link provided by czarivey
You could also check wRalph @ Atma-sphere.  He modifies/refurbs Empire TTs.  I believe he uses a Tri-planar.
Thank you for the suggestions.
I have an SME 3009 series one on my Garrard 301 and like it quite a bit.
I think it should not only work well, it would look right on the 598.

SME 3009 would require replacement of original armboard and altering chassis while AudioTechnica 5001(btw superior arm and hard to find!) or Rek-o-Kut perfectly fits into original armboard.