Empire 4000 XL and 4000 D/III cartridge body differences question

Are there any differences between the 2 cartridge bodies? The reason I ask is that I have access to both a 4000 XL body and a good cond D/III stylus and wonder if the 2 would work well together. Apparently they do fit.

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Dear shawnwes:  External body is the same and what you have to check is if the stylus bayonet shape fits the 4000XL female input.

But you have to listen it because the output level on both cartridges are different.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Thanks Raul,

I know the D/lll is 3mv. Do you happen to know the output of the XL? I couldn't find any specs on it.

If I remember is 5mv.
Thanks Raul.