Emperical Audio Mods for Parasound Halo JC-1'S

Has anyone had their Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblocks modified with the $1,800.00 Emperical Audio mods, or heard ones that have been modified by them?
If so, how did they sound, and what all improvements were there over the stock factory JC-1's?
Was it a big improvement, or a so so improvement with the mods in place?
In your honest opinion, are the sonic improvements worth the $1,800.00 asking price for the mods?
All information and opinions would be greatly appreciated.
You want state of the art for $6K? That isn't possible, but it is possible to build a very good machine made amplifier for that sort of price. I went to the site and it says not one black gate cap was used! Horrors! I don't really care for them preferring the big Nichicon Gold Tune and KZ series instead.....Why don't you be the first to have the mods done and void your warranty and then save about 20K and we'll build you a nice hand-built amp next time? I think what Steve is doing is commendable, but don't pretend that the JC-1 is state of the art as it isn't, merely a very capable rendition of what can be done by machine these days. Funny thing is the JC-1 turned out better than most state of the art amps just plain stock so there isn't much work to do to really make it sing. Curl is ahead of most of the others out there.........I read about the change in topology and figure Steve must have burned some midnight oil as the schematics are not available to the public for the unit and it takes a long time to trace down Carl Thompson's layouts especially with an opaque black solder mask.......The unit sounds as it sounds and I voiced it just slightly sweet, a change from the typical Parasound sound......
I did not say or state that I wanted state-of-the art sound!
I simply wanted to know if anyone out there has had their JC-1's modded by Empirical Audio, and wanted to know what the results were. Their ad claims dramatic improvements from their mods being done, and I just wanted to know how accurate their ad was.
I am not willing or ready to spend $1,800.00 on mods to my JC-1's. I simply wanted peoples opinions on these mods, just in case I might want to have some done a few years down the road.
Bob, whoa...ease up big guy. I don't think he was implying anything negative about the JC-1's. As I read his post he was simply inquiring if the Empirical Audio mods were worth the money. Asking that question doesn't mean he was slamming the JC-1's or looking for "state-of-the-art". It seems his post was one of curiosity more than implication.
Bob -
The large Nichicon filter capacitors are not swapped-out. Only the smaller ones. I like to use Nichicons for filtering as well, although I'm not in love with the Muse series.

These monoblocks gathered dust for over a year while I used another amp for my reference. With the mods, they are once again my reference.
Thank you Fiddler!
No, I was in no way slamming the JC-1's.They are exceptional amps! Just read my review of them. I am just a curious person like any audiophile is, especially when it comes to after-market mods.
I cannot afford to have my JC-1's modded, and do not plan to any time soon. I am VERY HAPPY with their sound as is!
But a few years down the road...you never know.
And I know darn well that TRUE "state-of-the-art" sound is currently unobtainable at any price!
I bought a modded Pioneer DV-47Ai universal disc player from a guy that had been HIGHLY MODIFIED by Rick Shultz at EVS, and was shocked at the improvement over the stock unit!
That is one of the reasons I am always curious about after-market mods.
Bob, if I offended you in any way at all, I'm sorry, and I apologize. I respect your work, products, and hearing abilities VERY MUCH! I also have the utmost respect for John Curl and Carl Thompson.
Something that has to be taken into consideration when modding any
unit is that the original sonic characteristics of the piece will change to
some degree, which means descriptions of sound qualities in reviews
may or may not apply after the modification. Not to speak for Bob
Crump, but this may be a factor in the tone of his earlier post.
Based upon the extent of the modifications the price sounds commensurate, however, and it's a big however, it voids the Parasound warranty, which is ten years parts, five years labor. The mod is nothing I would consider nor could I recommend to my customers (disclaimer: I am a Parasound Halo dealer), but if someone in the Chicago area gets the mod, it would be interesting to hear their JC-1s next to mine.

Brian Walsh
If you buy the JC-1's used like I did, the warranty is no longer a factor anyway...It is void.
If you read the original warranty papers from Parasound they state that the warranty applies to the original purchaser only, and is not transferable to any subsequent buyers.
Geez...not another sales pitch from rcrumb, I mean rcrump!

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This transferrable warranty thing is an impediment for Bryston gear. I dont think I have ever seen any modded Bryston gear. It probably does them more harm than good to have such a long warranty - sure, it attracts buyers, who subsequently sell their stuff down the road. The equipment has real mod potential, but I will probably never mod one, except for myself perhaps. A pair of modded 7B-ST's would probably be state-of-the-art.....
Steve, it sounds like you're throwing down the gauntlet for some brave Bryston owner to be the guinea pig and offer up his/her amp for modification. ;)
Since it has been a few months since I posted this,
has anyone had this mod done to their JC-1's since then?
If so, please share the results with us.
Hi Lanny. As you know I'm waiting for a reply as well. I had the JC-1's in my system for two weeks and thought they were great as is. Does the soundstage really double in width etc.? Maybe we'll hear from someone after the 3 day weekend.
Were the JC-1's you used broken-in?
What other components did you use in association with them?
Dalton why dont you ask Steve, to loan you the JC 1,
pay the shipping back and forth if it does not work,
If it works send Him the $1800 check plus one way
shipping.I respect Bob and Bryan, they know the JC1
very well than most of us.If you are really interested
why not.I myself, I benefited from modification.My
Sony 9000es,IMS now, sounds so musical.In the end,
music is a passion,Why not.I did hear the JC1 thru
the courtesy of Bryan, they are very good amp.Let
me know if the mod is worth it.I almost forgot
to send yours to Him, so you keep His.
Hey Drhst20,
Did you ever get your Empirical Audio modded JC-1's back yet?
If so, what are your impressions of them after the mods?
Are they significantly better than stock?
Do they live up to your expectations?
Any areas that you are still not completely satisfied with?
Inquiring minds want to know.
You are not the only one to ask. Please everyone...Give me one more week and I will provide a complete review (Just started a new job so I have been very busy). In short though, I am very pleased with the outcome!