Emotive XPA-2 any thoughts?

Has anyone had any experience with this amp? At the price of descent pair of ic's it promises alot. I was thinking of trying one with my hungry Totem Mani-2's.
I have the XPA-5. I've owned Pass/Krell/Aragon/Plinius etc. I am extremely happy with the Emotiva XPA-5 in 2 channel and 5 channel. If your just looking into a 2 channel amp,check out their Reference(I think the RMA-2)2 channel amp. If your not happy you always have a 30 day trial,but I doubt you'll send it back.
Emotiva (not Emotive) has same dimensions, weight and layout as the outlaw amps. I have no opinion on performance.
I won't make any comparisons to top flight amps like the ones I mentioned above. I will just say this: At this price point this amp is a ridiculous bargain. I'm driving Martin Logan Ascents with huge success. I had my buddy who is (for lack of a better term)an audiophile snob come over and listen to it without knowing what brand the amp was-he couldn't believe it when I told him it was Emotiva. When he did his audition I had very basic interconnect and speaker cable/and stock power cords. Emotiva won't work for everyone but is certainly worth an audition for anyone looking to maximize their money. The 30 day return policy makes it a no-brainer.