Emotive sira?

I just got a emotive sira

I am curious why it has 3 outputs

2 variable and one fixed

i know fixed should not be used in a stereo setup.

in my research I have found that this was built for member 2out2sea but haven’t been able to get in touch with him.

anybody know?

thank you, Scott
Fixed can be used to feed a second zone in your home, a tape recorder or through a HT preamp which has the volume control in it.
A lot of linestages have multiple outputs that are controlled by the main volume control.  I used the second output to run a multichannel ambience recovery/synthesis processor that creates 4 additional channels of information to simulate a large soundfield.  The same could, in some setups be accomplished with a splitter instead of multiple outputs, but, the multiple outputs is a neater solution.  Unfortunately, my current linestage does not does not have multiple outputs and splitting the single output results in less than optimal sound.
Also, one could connect a subwoofer to the second variable output, something I do with my Schiit Freya+, with great results.
The first output loads my room much better so I’m not sure what’s going on but I like it!!

what a wonderful preamp
It is a wonderful preamp. Fred is a talented designer. I have an Emotive Audio Epifania preamp and Vita tube amps and love it. Music just comes alive.
If you want to make it even better email Fred about the copper V-Caps and the autoformer volume control. They are not cheap to do, but they brought my Epifania up to a whole new level.

FWIW, my Epifania is #2 and it's been in my system for 15 years now. I don't think I could ever part with it. 
That’s quite a love affair!

im still in the honeymoon stage

what would you say the sonic differences are with the upgrades you mentioned?

thanks, Scott
I also own an Epifania, although it is now on loan to a friend.  The Epifania is a wonderful linestage.  It is quite different from the sound of the Sira, to the extent that it seems a bit odd that the same designer/builder was involved.  The Epifania is considrably leaner sounding (not as prominent upper bass and lower midrange) and is not as "romantic" sounding as the SIra.  The Epifania is a much simpler design, so it is a bit surprising how much more it costs (even accounting for it being a more recent model).

I recently got to hear an old VIta amp and it was very nice sounding.  It's unfortunate that Fred is out of the game.
Going from the stock caps to Sonicaps, the sound became less colored, but also a bit leaner and harder sounding. When Fred changed the Sonicaps to the V-Caps, he also did the autoformer volume control. Since I can't say what each would do individually, as a whole the sound became more organic, smoother, transparent, just really better. It's the equivalent to looking out of a window, then opening the window and removing that layer of glass.

Fred hasn't updated his site for long time, but he's still active. He just updated my Circa phono stage. Since he does lots of custom work he may even have other suggestions.
This is the best preamp I’ve owned and I’ve had several

theres more space around instruments and vocals in a harmony are more fleshed out and seperate

its quite amazing!
I had the Sira in my system for a short time but I did do some tube rolling for the input tube. Aside from a Tung Sol 5687, I tried Bendix 6900 and  RCA 7044 tubes. The 7044 is a nice sounding tube, but many were noisy.

In my Epifania I'm using a Brimar 5R4GY/CV717 rectifier and I really like it. I also have used RCA 5R4G, TJ meshplate 274, and the Phillips Holland 5R4GY tubes. I didn't try different rectifiers in the Sira.
I'm going by memory, but I think the 7044 was warmer sounding compared to the 5687 and 6900. I may have even tried different cathode follower tubes and the 6080. I would have to check my tube stash to confirm. You can always just send me a PM and I will look.

Do you know what 5687 is in there now?