whats the best sounding power cord for this preamp?
also any tweaks for this baby?
I'm using a Virtual Dynamics David on my Emotive Erato, and find the combination to be very synergistic. The David reinforces the qualities of the Erato, especially the microdynamics. I also have a Virtual Dynamics Power One that I use on my phono stage. The Power One looks similar to the David, and it sounds very nice in its own right, but on the Emotive the David is the one with the "magic."

are you sirious about your preamp.

i had several opportunities to audition the preamp at CES and spoke to the designer as well.

do you find this a very tube-like product in the vintage or classic sense, or is it a more modern design, i.e., very linear and not forgiving of poor recordings ?
i can suggest dcca, soundstring, and sunny cable technology line cords. i own all of them.
i find it more modern ,it is on the warmish side but not overly. i find it very musical with alot of detail too. i have not tried the 7044 tube yet. i also have the upgraded volume pot.