Emotiva XSP vs. Creek 50A

I am thinking of either using a Creek 50A integrated as a pre-amp or getting an Emotiva XSP-1 gen.2 (is that the latest upgraded one?).

Has anybody compared them against each other?

I need line inputs only, but would like a good remote.

XDA-2.  If you don't play vinyl, do you really need the preamp in the path?  XDA-2 has remote with volume and input switching.  Mucho digital inputs and real balanced output stage.  Balanced out to Sunfire amp?  On top of that, the XDA-2 volume control uses a resistor ladder type that is really pretty darn good.  IMHO, this is a better dac than DacMagic.  I have used both in the past.  Plus it has an IEC socket so you can try aftermarket power cables that DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE THE SOUND of this killer little dac.  Don't use an integrated amp as a preamp Randy.
Thx, but do they still make that?  I can't find the XDA-2 online anywhere.

And why not use the pre-out on an integrated?

no vinyl
emo ? Really ?

 Better keep looking
It's descent fair priced stuff, but don't expect great sound, reliability. 
Im a owner of xpa-1's WHICH I AM T YING TO SELL,......HINT,. HIINT. 

im selling due to the midrange, treble, and the grainy nature of the amp, for movies, great. For fine listening,. Not so great, the gain is also too high, which leads to a lot of hiss on many good recordings. 
 If you want a only rock and roll product, get emotiva, if you want more natural real sound look elsewhere. 

  • Just my 2 cents as a soon to be former owner