Emotiva XSP-1 vs XSP-1 Gen 2

Compared to our modified Audio Research LS2B MKll, we tried the 1st iteration of the Emotiva XSP-1. Per "The Jazzmama" It was depth-less, flat, 2 dimensional and "uninvolving."

In comparison, how does the XSP-1 Gen 2 perform with respect to the depth, holographics, 3 dimensionality, and staging as compared to the Original.

The ERC-3 is incredible at any price. The XPR-1 monoblocks are Kilo-buck monster eliminators.
Oops, with my 99.99% comment, I meant 99.9%, I typed one too many nines!
I have no dog in this "discussion" but wanted to point out and emphasize a comment that was ignored.
I paraphrase- "a small tube amp will give you holographic ,3D,and a wide and deep soundstage." I think this is absolutely true, except it doesn't have to be a small amp, it could just as well be a large tube amp. I have heard Thiels with a large tube power amp and the sound was very very good. I realize that tube amps are not everybody's cup of tea per say and that they might not work in your situation, but it really is the fastest way to getting that 3D sound people some times call this effect "tube magic".
I love Tubes, particularly in a phono stage. As far as Tubes in an amp, great. My only issue with tube amps might be the 300b tubes and other great tubes.

It seems impossible to purchase Telefunken, and Siemens level of tubes which were recently manufactured. Too bad we can't make tubes of such performance levels here in the US or anywhere else. NOS tubes are the best but they are running out of stock, and cost a "King's Ransom."

Russia squashed an American's attempt to take over a tube manufacturing facility, where he was making hi quality tubes. They tried to extort money from him by shutting off the electricity to the plant.