Emotiva XSP-1 vs XSP-1 Gen 2

Compared to our modified Audio Research LS2B MKll, we tried the 1st iteration of the Emotiva XSP-1. Per "The Jazzmama" It was depth-less, flat, 2 dimensional and "uninvolving."

In comparison, how does the XSP-1 Gen 2 perform with respect to the depth, holographics, 3 dimensionality, and staging as compared to the Original.

The ERC-3 is incredible at any price. The XPR-1 monoblocks are Kilo-buck monster eliminators.
99.9% of audiophiles do not need 500 or 600 watts to do the above, Lev, with a decent well put together system. Some guys achieve the 3D staging, detail, etc., with a small tube amp and efficient speakers. The audio world has been able to achieve excellent audio previous to the XPR amps being released, so suddenly it never happened and we must sell our amps and all buy the XPR series? I remain a sceptic.

Emotiva has as much as admitted you will never use all 600 watts when they themselves said you don't need a 20 amp circuit, which means you won't be using 16-20 amps or all of the power anyway. I think it's mostly the braggers or headbangers who will buy these silly amps of 600+ wpc and give themselves hearing damage.
Please check your messages.
I just send more information regarding my impressions of XPR-2,and comparison to Bryston amp.

You seem like a very bitter person, and I do not feel that I or anyone else needs to justify anything to you. On the flip side our Thiel 3.6's are at an efficiency of 87 dB, and are rated at 500 watts into 4 ohms. When I tell you that the XPR-1's brought out never before levels of deep bass with detail, rich midrange and high frequency detail then you respond with with
"I think it's mostly the braggers or headbangers who will buy these silly amps of 600+ wpc and give themselves hearing damage."

Please comprehend this. You do not know what you are talking about and you are calling me a silly liar. You have not, do not, and never will support the Audiogon sales and purchase opportunities. As a result you have become an unnecessary irritation and burden to the rest of the Audiogon Chappies. No offense intended.

Your Silly 600+ watts Jazz. Blues Classical, Psychedelic, Motown friend

P.S. Get over your issue and leave the rest of us in peace and happiness
No Lev, I'm not bitter, I just want people to know that when it comes to Emotiva, the king has no clothes. They could make top notch gear, but choose not to, and make more profits with the entry level stuff they put out.

As for your Thiel 3.6 speakers, yes they are rated for 500 watts at 4 ohms. The XPR-1 puts out 1750 watts at 4 ohms(FYI the XPA-1 puts out 1000 wpc at 4 ohms.). You don't use half of that. I mean, it's fine, buy whatever you want and be happy with it. But you are not going to convince anyone that your 500 watt speakers need 1750 watts.

That said, what I said is 99.99% of people don't need that kind of wattage. Using math, what that means is 1 person in 1,000 might need that kind of power. A very tiny minority, and I could certainly be off, but the thrust of my point holds up I believe. Bragging rights, they can be expensive.

And as for the personal attack comments, I have not called you a liar, nor have I inferred that you are lying, you are simply mistaken. And I have indeed purchased from the Audiogon site, best amp I ever bought.
Oops, with my 99.99% comment, I meant 99.9%, I typed one too many nines!