Emotiva XSP-1 Question

I got this preamp today and hooked it up to the power amp section of my Harman Kardon HK990 integrated. It sounds clean with great channel separation and a good soundstage, but the volume is way too low. The HK990 will produce 150 watts into 8 ohms and will make my ears bleed when running from it's own preamp section. With the Emotiva at full volume I'm getting maybe 75....80 db at best. It doesn't appear to be malfunctioning so is it just incompatible with my power amp?
How are you connecting the 2 components?
I just looked at the manual for the HK990 and there are "preout" jacks, but no "main in" or "amp in" jacks.

So I am assuming you are using the Processor Input as the hook up for the XSP-1?

If so, you'll need to go into the menu setting and look for the GAIN setting and turn up that input.

From the manual:

The level of different sources may vary. To avoid annoying level changes when switching between inputs, Gain Adjustment from –6dB to +6dB is an option for each Input.

The processor input has a different range (–24dB to +6dB), to accommodate the output levels of most processors.
Right on Mofi, it looks like the only way in is the Processor Input which is an unbalanced line in.

BINGO! I had completely forgotten about the adjustable gain settings on the various inputs. When I accessed the setting it was at it's minimum (-24 db). A slight adjustment had the desired effect. Thank you so much. Genius' like you are precisely why I frequent this website, although it is costing me an arm and a leg in new stuff. LOL. Thanks again.
Danoroo...you're welcome. Glad to help.
Danoroo, the guys on this forum are outstanding.

I don't move a muscle on a new purchase before I run it by
the guys on this forum.

..thanks again fellas for 14 years of great information,
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I know what you mean. It was precisely because of a recommendation to my inquiry about a suitable preamp posted here last week that I purchased the XSP-1. The most experienced and articulate audiophiles in the world congregate here. Lucky for me!