Emotiva XPA5 vs Wyred MC5

Looking at possibly upgrading my current XPA-5. Wondering if anyone has done any direct comparisons to the Wyred MC-5.

My current set-up
Speakers - Elac 248's and CC241 Centre
Sub - SVS PC13 Ultra
Pre - Classe SSP 600
Source - Oppo BDP83 and AppleTV
Cables - Harmonic Tech Pro 9 and StraightWire Virtuosa
I have a W4S MC7x250 fed from a STI-500 integrated. I upgraded from a Parasound P3, 2 Parasound A23s and an HCA-1205a. Very happy with the Wyred4Sound equipment. Sounds crisp, and clean. Runs very cool. Can listen for hours without fatigue. Using Monitor Audio Gold speakers and digital sources through W4S DAC-2. Allow 200 hours break-in for absolute performance.
I'm actually considering an ST 1000 to run my fronts and leaving the XPA5 for centre and rears