Emotiva xpa1 gen 2 with clsiizs

Right now I love my jolida jd3000a tube mono blocks 200wtt/ch with my tube pre amp music envoy ,but I'm soon to be in a larger room and my clsiiz will love it but will I need more power to run them at louder volumes ? So I have been looking at the emotiva mom blocks xpa 1 gen2 (600wtt/ch , class A-and A/b switchable,there new reference series. . Help I'm just a 2 channel audiophile guy and my tube sound so good and make My clsiiz sound so sweet at low to mod levels ( cuz my room is so small 10x10 ,but in a room that will be 20x30 and room for the speakers to breathe I just might need more power , so if anyone out there has these emotiva amps please let me know how they sound and any review good or bad will help ,thx fattner
I would stick with the Jolida tube amps. I had some Emotiva products and although very good, they are hardly in the league of your tube amps.
Really the new emotiva xpa1 gen2 wouldn't compete with my Jolida !! Ok thx for your input
I haven't heard the Emotiva's, but your Jolida combo has such a nice classic tube sound. I see your concern, with the ML's only having a sensitivity of 86 dB but I think you should try them in the new room and see how they perform. Otherwise, I think you'll regret losing their luscious sonics.

The Emotiva may be their reference series, but it will never replace your current tube setup. Who knows, once you get the room furnished, you may have a nice listening area.
Fatnner, I think you've been playing with the idea of an Emotiva experiment for a couple of months, as I've read your thoughts in a few different forums(unless it was someone else). Emotiva tends to sound bright and harsh at higher volume levels. You really can't improve on what you've already got with Emotiva. I'd suggest upgrading your cables if you've got the upgrade bug. Lots of options to go with depending on your preferences.
Yes I have been kicking it around and getting input from others. I will stick with my set up and get my audio room completed first and hear the difference my clsiiz /tubes sound when there in a much larger room and able to breathe !
Soon I will post more pics on audio karma of my listening space ! Thx to all for there input ,I do love my tubes !!
If you need to make a change,I think you would be happier with more efficient speakers and keeping the Jolidas.
Love my clsiiz there a classic !! Can't part with them,lol I'm a stat guy !
I don't get the conversations regarding "larger rooms." It applies when I mix live shows (although I've found that most of the gear I use has so much headroom it works in large and small rooms) maybe, but are people putting their speakers at the end of the room and sitting 50 feet from them? I doubt it. You set up your rig, sit at whatever your sweet spot is, and the rest of your large room is where you dance or flog the servants, and any rig can sound better without nearby walls. Is the point the ability to get the entire room vibrating with dubstep? Do people still have disco balls? Obviously larger speakers can play at higher levels, but your ears stay the same size and unless you relish cowering in the dining room, do you want to get blasted by high pressure soundwaves at home? Maybe people do that, but it seems strange and unnecessary, and this sort of thing should be banned by decree.
Thankyou lol, wolf Garcia yes your right I will give a full review of my system once in the larger room! Thx to all who replied !!!
If your new room is really big, how about a pair of old long-throw theatre horns with the Jolidas?