Emotiva XPA-5 or 5 XPA-1's

What do you think to power my HT center and surrounds? Mains are powered by a Classe 2200 and the pre-pro is a Marantz AV7005. Thinking about Emotiva XPA-5 or 5 XPA-1's or ATI AT2005. Thanks.

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What is is the size of your room? Also what are the speakers you are you going to use with your prospective amps? That would help members here give you an assessment. I think though 5 XPA-1s is kind of cool but complete overkill. From what I've read in the Emotiva lounge a lot of users get good results with the XPA-5. I think it is their best selling amp. I have an Emotiva UPA-7 and it works great in my HT set-up but my speakers are all pretty easy to drive.