Emotiva XPA-5 or 5 XPA-1's

What do you think to power my HT center and surrounds? Mains are powered by a Classe 2200 and the pre-pro is a Marantz AV7005. Thinking about Emotiva XPA-5 or 5 XPA-1's or ATI AT2005. Thanks.

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Emotiva amops are good however I dont like the mix with Classe amps. The voltage gain on your Classe is 29, On Emotiva its 32. That means at the same volume level The Emotivas will sound louder and you will have to play tricks with your calibration. I had purchased an Emotiva mono to run my center and after a few weeks I was wondering why the Center seemed to be dominating the HT system. That lead me to check the voltage gain spec on the Emotiva.