Emotiva XPA-3, Anthem 325 or Anthem MCA 30

I have a set of Paradigm S2 V3s with a C3 V3 center and driving them with a Yamaha RX-A3050.  A fair number of people recommended I get a dedicated amp to drive the LCR speakers.

Amps aren't cheap so have been looking at the Emotiva XPA-3, Anthem 325 or a used Anthem MCA 30.  Of those 3 the Emotiva is new and (seems like) a good value, the Anthem is new and the used Anthem 30 is inexpensive and (possibly?) a good match with the speakers.

I realize there's no "correct" answer but would love to hear people's opinions on which amp they'd purchase.

emotiva is ok, they have high gain, and you will hear it through your speakers if they have a high spa/1 w 1 M ratio.

any other amp will  to have such high gain
I say either Anthem MC-30 or 325 due to very low noise floor, reliability, and overall build quality.