Emotiva XPA-2 vs Yamaha M-80 vs Yamaha MX-1000

I need an amp to bring the best out of my 4 ohm Polk Lsi15s.

Someone on these forums mentioned that his LSi15 were driven by different amps and that, of all of them, absolutely love the old Yamaha amps.

I also read that the XPA-2 is a great amp but, by design, is not the best for low-impedance loads.

Any suggestions? Has anyone tried the LSis with the Yamaha and the Emotiva?

Thank you
I have been driving my Lsi15's for 8 years with a harman kardon hk3480/3490 receiver. Will receive my third HK tomorrow. Its a good match, esp in a small to medium sized room.
Where did you hear Emotiva was not good for 4 ohm, they are infact a very good amp for 4 ohm. I would suggest the Emotiva hands down over the alternatives you listed.