Emotiva xpa 2 gen 2 power amp

Looking for this amp ...emotive xpa 2 gen 2. Is as good as all the reviews have at it's price point. Or should buy the gen3 amps that now out. Thanks


I havn't heard the gen3, but the 1 & 2 are ok for a budget Power Amp that puts out a fair bit of Power. Just don't expect anything approaching high end or even mid end. All my other Power Amps, admittedly much more expensive, absolutely annilhate it. Still for a starter Amp. it's a bit of fun and pretty good value.
Not a fan as well, these modular digital amps sound harsh and fatiguing and not fun to listen loudly for any length of time.
I’m not a fan of either.  I had a first gen xpa-3 and it was bright with little imaging.   For a low budget option I’d suggest Adcom, the 555SE for about 1300 on their site.  Really great imaging and detail for the money.
You can purchase the Adcom GFA-555se for $1104 frm the Adcom USA distributor.
The BasX A300 amp and PT 100 preamp received editors choice awards from the UK magazine Hi Fi Choice.  Associated equipment for the review were Cambridge CXC transport, Chord Hugo dac, and ATC SCM 40 speakers.  So, the supporting cast was well above the price range of the Emotiva pairing which should lay bare any faults from the amps.
The test concluded with "a new pre-power amp price benchmark, the most convincing evocation of affordable high-end that I've yet encountered and as a result an unequivocal great buy". 
Authored by David Vivian.

I myself have no personal experience with these amps.  Just relaying some info generally not accessible in the US.
I liked them quite a bit, but their aesthetics are not my thing.
the sound was ok, I just liked the Sunfire better when I heard it. 

I have a pair on sale.  Gen 1 limited editions. 
Check the popular auction site for pics and price

they are extremely nice!

Had a pair of 1L mono blocks for my Maggie 1.7 and amps kept blowing finally got rid of them and settled on a Parasound 2.1 integrated which has had no problem with the speakers. Big improvements in sound and staging. The emos are rated high watt but they won’t give you the current capacity which is more important.

The 1L will deliver a good amount of watts, but the transformer is somewhat light at only 450VA.  The Parasound integrated looks to have a much larger transformer, but not as much capacitance.  It could be a number of reasons why the Emotiva 1L could not supply the current.

The Emotiva amps stock are quite bright and harsh, although I do not have experience with Gen 3 and their new switching power supply (also with no fuse).  If you absolutely need to have that much power and have a limited budget, the Emotiva amps can sound nice when you convert the fuses to Isoclean or Furutech (or a combination of).

As to the Emotiva A-300, I’m using a A-300 with LS50 speakers and a Mimby DAC and the sound is really great in my small 10 x 12 office. Some tracks sound incredible, like the music is being played live in the room.
Odyssey Audio is definitely worth looking at in the $1300 range. I’ve heard Emotiva gear at a friends house. Nothing too offensive but kinda thin and bright sounding to me. He didn’t keep it long. 
Mofo, I also criticized the Emotiva sound in this thread.  Are you sure you want to be seen agreeing with me?  Perhaps you should get into another one of your snits and go on at length in some kind of rant?
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Using Emotiva XPA 5 Gen3 in my HT setup and am quite happy with it there. Has everything I need for a great experience with both movies and concert videos. Not so sure about if I'd be happy with Emotiva in a 2 channel music setting. SS class D amps have not yet attained the plateau that a class A,A/B are occupying. 
I have to admit that was a descent comeback for once. Musta hurt your little brain. Hahaha. Yes I am getting over the flu so you just wait till I’m top notch again.
I switched a Odyssey for Van Alstine which sounded considerably better .
Which Odyssey, how old was it and what model Van Alstine?  VA make 
 some pretty expensive amps with much more power...

It's all depends on what quality amp you had before. It is decent,..ok...good bang for buck kind of amp. I never owned one but my buddy use them in HT.
I'm a bit late to the thread but driving my McIntosh XRT-28s my Emotiva XPR-1 Monoblocks and XPR-2 two channel amp for outperform the McIntosh Mc-1201s and dual Mc-252s driving my McIntosh XR-290s ,from my experience Emotiva amps do better driving 4 ohm loads vs 8 ohm loads,on my 8 ohm XR-290s the big Emo's sound thin,but on the 4 ohm XRT-28s they deliver a full sound with such a massive bass slam that I MUST run my C-2500 Preamps bass control at -9db at all times,on bass heavy music I must go down to -12db ,for the right speaker such as McIntosh 4 ohm line arrays Emotiva amps are top flight .
Reading the threads here, wanted to chime in: Emotiva XPA amps are ALL Class A/B. The only Class D Emotiva sells is the PA-1 using ICE modules.
Hope this clears up some confusion.
(Disclosure: I work in Emotiva's service department)
I thought the current XPA line had some kind of switching supply?