Emotiva XPA-2

I've heard this called mid fi crap and no better than mass market junk.My ears say different.And yes i clean them using this stuff called auro and pluck the hair out.Unlike some folks giving their opinions.
Having owned very expensive amps,Krell 300s,Pass x-350,Counterpoint NP220,the list is almost endless.The Threshold T series 100,200 and 400 were in my system.The McCormack upgraded DNA-1 lasted about two days,along with Belles Ref.Sorry Dave.Granted, everything comes down to synergy.
Thats why we try this then that,regretting the bad choices we make and the massive amounts of money we waste in the process.
Call me waxing nostalgiac but my sonic memories of Marantz recievers are pretty good.Folks we get caught up in the BS.Trust your ears,to hell with opinion.Doesn't matter.I got this amp that sounds great and I plan on installing better fuses etc.
Heres the rub as soon as you say some positive stuff the cost doubles and then other less well to do folks find it out of reach and in a crowded expensive market,So maybe its better to say ,"everyones right it is a POS,then smile and turn the volume up".I can afford something costlier as fortunes have it.Perhaps all those naysayers are using SS pres.Personally i loathe SS preamps,I had the Pass Aleph p,Threshold T2 i believe it was along with fet-10 and a few others.Folks get a Manley shrimp,or BAT or Arc or VTl 2.5 even or any of those others like CJ 17ls.
I'm using with Audible Illusions 3a, sounds pretty good to me.
My only other amp for comparison is a Counterpoint SA 12.
Totally different sound for a lot of reasons, a lot more detail.
Oh, I thought this was going to be a thread discussing if the XPA-2 was a good fit for you. Instead it's a thread saying...?

Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, synergy with speakers counts for something. With my speakers, Emotiva amps are too bright. Try saying that on the Emo forum, I got all the same attacking opinions in reverse.

Glad you found an amp you like.
I tried the XPA-2 and it lasted 2 days in my system before it was shipped back. I just foud it too bright in my sytem. I really wanted to like it but i found it unbearable.
in one of my systems i have a xpa-2. i have used magnepan mmgs, phase tech monitors and mbquart towers in the system with good results. during the daytime hours there are times i am less than impressed. but after midnight with great recordings the amp is one of the best i have ever had in 35 years. other amps used were hafler, cyrus, mcintosh , luxman, british fidelity. the emotiva can sound great.
I don't have an Emotiva amp, but I have been very impressed by the XPA 1 D/A/Preamp in my system. Very impressed indeed. Emotiva, as a company, seems to have the right formula for the future.
I have seen little that compares with them for five times the price.

The Krell amp I tried ten years ago was too bright for my speakers too. Doesn't mean they make bad amps.
Gumby, are you referring to the XDA preamp they have? That was also too bright in my system, plus the volume is lossy, so it wasn't a good purchase for me. I'd beg to differ on it beating units costing much more as some find the DAC Magic by Cambridge to be better. But the Emo amps can be good depending on the speakers.

What I don't like about their amps is the small power supplies and Caps they have. They get around this by higher gain structures, but owners of some speakers complain of hiss. Their power is always spec'd to .1% THD so at rated power they're already climbing rapidly into distortion.

Krell or other amps, heck even Outlaw Audio, have better cap and power supplies and don't have the dancing LED lights straight out of the 80's that the Emotiva amps have. Having said that, for the money spent they are decent. Their newer line looks better, the XPR series. To each their own I guess.
hey gumby, i replaced my music fidelity v-dac/v-link with a emotiva xda-1 dac. the mf went to the garage system and won't be coming back. emotiva = very good value and good sound quality. i agree with your opinion.
I have the XDA-1 DAC/PRE

Sorry for the confusion.

Okay, Emotiva has a newer DAC now. I suppose I'm a little hard on them, I've been quite happy with the ERC-1 cd player from Emotiva, I just wasn't impressed with the XPA amp with my speakers.
I came VERY close to buying a Modulus 3 15 years ago.
I could not handle twin volume controls...and once I heard and compared the phono section in the 565 Adcom, I was sold on it for less money.
Still, the Audible Illusions represented itself quite well.

It reminded me of a milder AR.
Just got an XPA-2. Changed out the power cord to a Cullen Crossover cord. OMG, what a difference. Anyone that says power cords don't matter, have to be crazy. The sound stage just exploded,and the instruments were better focused. Had my inlaws over and they said they couldn't tell where the speakers were. Music everywhere. I love it!
I have an XPA-2 with kirksaeter silver line 220 speakers. I generally run music from an Apple TV thru a Stello dac into an Emo pre/pro. I also have a rythmic F12 sub. I am considering a tube preamp for a little warmer sound. Do any of you have some suggestions? Budget is up to $2k.
I am using the XPA-2 with a Cary SLP-03 preamp....good combination, really nice sound
I tried the Cullen Crossover power cord with the amp and love it. This is my first power cord upgrade so my only comparison is to stock power cord. What a difference! There is a consistent sweetness to the sound, it's just more musical. I now see the power cord as an important piece of the audio ecosystem.
I now run my XPA2 with an Audible Illusions 3A preamp. All connectors are Morrow level 6 or 7's. So how does it sound?.......was at a dealers having my turntable tuned. Got a chance to listen to 6000 dollar speakers and 6000 dollar plus preamp and amps. My Emotiva and vintage Snell C's blew his stuff out of the water. Those that say Emo gear is midfi are just jealous they paid so much for their stuff and it doesn't sound any better....IMHO.
It sounds like you are quite partial to your vintage Snells, and that's great. I've got Morrow level 3, they make a great interconnect.
I had to sell my X250.5 and i bought a used but low hour Emotiva XPR-2 for $1100 shipped, im using it with a VK-51SE and i do not miss the Pass. Ted
N2siast, you kept the amp for only 2 days before you sent it back? How can you make a serious assessment without allowing any realistic break-in time?
I am currently using aes six PAC el34 tube amps, but used the emotiva xpa2gen for 6-8months prior to going all tube. The xpa replaced an aging b&k ex442 and there was no comparison. There was markedly more dynamic range and detail with the emotiva. The bottom end control of the xpa with my gallos was excellent. Best of all it had detail even at lower volumes. I guess this is due to its large power reserves. To me it sounded very much like the krell gear that I have heard. It had the same "bite" on cymbal crashes, etc. It seemingly epitomizes the difference between hyper detailed solid state amplifiers and softer, less fatiguing tubes. Fwiw I plan on keeping the xpa2 and building a second system around the xpa2 if/when we move from our current home.
XPA-2 is a very good value amp.
I had it in my system before upgrading to the XPA-1

It would be interesting to hear how it sounds with a few tweaks.
I had an XPA amp as well as a DAC and cd player from Emotiva. I don't care for their house sound, with my Paradigm sigs the amp was bright and sterile sounding, with occasional sibilance. I think it depends on the speakers as their amps don't seem to play well with all speaker brands.
Hmmm, well that is the Paradigm house sound.

Ron I agree on that Cullen Crossover, very fine PC .
Casey621: Just curious, did you compare the Pass Labs and Emotiva amps side by side, or are you just going memory?
Schubert, it was easy to get rid of the bright sterile sound. Have you listened to Paradigm Signature speakers at all, I mean the ones with the beryllium tweeters?
Or are you just going by your experiences with the Studio or Monitor line? When I switched to Parasound electronics the sound became much much better with amazing vocals.
Runnin, no I haven't . no doubt you are correctm but I'd rather have PSB or Focal.
Hi Dave_72 I had to sell the Pass so just memory, but it was not that long between the 2. I sold my VK-D5se also and im using a very cheap source for now but i used the same source with both amps and for the $ im very happy. Side by side could be very different but nothing jumps out as a problem to my ears. I tried some class D amps before the X250.5 and sold them Quickly. Ted
Well everybody's got their favorite brand and sound, Paradigm isn't for everybody, and neither is Emotiva with their bright sound.