Emotiva XPA-1 or Wyred SX/ST-1000


Currently have a Rotel RB-1090 which I like but it is acting up. Every now and then static comes through both speakers. It must have something to do with the power section and not the amp section.

Anyway I am looking at the 2 above amps or any other suggestions in that price range (new). They seem to have good price to performance. Both seem to be rated around the same wpc. Thought about tube amp but to many tube components may be to slow or layed back for my liking

The preamp is a BAT-3I and the speakers are JBL L-300. I mostly listen to vinyl VPI Scoutmaster through BAT VK-P10 cart is a Benz ACE LO.

Any info is appreciated.

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Im looking for something to power my B&W 801s i just got for free. I have to find a amp to power them its not easy so many out there . I see some good things about these amps .but still not sure .. I just hate to spend the money and not be happy with it ,, Any help will be great ..