Emotiva XDA-1, is it any good?

I haven't seen any real formal reviews of this unit so I am asking my fellow audiophiles if this unit is any good. Does it offer aschyronous usb? Their specs state it upsamples everything up to 192 and that standard bit depths up to 24 bit upsample to 192. I have read their was a problem wqith the volume control not giving enough leeway but thaty has been corrected.

Can anyone tell me how it sounds and if the usb upsamples as well?

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Hi Bob

Check out this A'gon thread:


Also another resource for you would be the Emotiva Lounge (Emotiva's forum). There are lots of threads and posts there regarding the XDA-1.
I have one and really like it; it has a nice analog sound and in my opinion it beats out the Cambridge DacMagic and PS Audio Digital Link III, both of which I have owned. For the $299 price it is a true bargain and there is a 30 day money back guarantee.