Emotiva XDA-1 DAC

Does it up sample? I've searched the Emotiva Lounge and registerd as a member but must wait.
At the price point of the Emotiva, the up sampling will sound artificial. You will loose immediacy.
I thought I wanted up sampling in my system... until I heard it.
I totally agree with Zmanastronomy!
No, it does not upsample. But it is a very good DAC for the money. Emotiva definitely has it going on - check out their UMC-1 pre-processor - on sale now for only $499 - A SMOKIN' DEAL!!

The XDA-1 is "fantastic" at it's price point, and probably
much more! I'm on my second one and now am reminded of how much I liked my first one! :o)
Also a great preamp in an all digital system.

Great closeout price right now!
No, it doesn't upsample, but a Musical Fidelity V-Link usb/spdif converter made my flac files from my laptop totally enjoyable. The xda 1 has a lot of bang for the buck, especially at it's clearance price of 249.00. I bought a "b stock" unit for 280.00 this summer and I am totally satisified with it. I put it up against a few dacs that cost up to 1,000.00 and it really held it's own.

Remember, its factory direct, so it takes the middleman out of the equation. If it was sold through a distributorship, it would cost in the 800.00 price range.