Emotiva XDA-1 DAC?

Can anyone offer any feedback on the Emotiva XDA-1 DAC? It looks to have great features for the price but I was wondering the sound quality(?). I would simply audition one but they are only taking reservations at present ...
hi emotiva lounge has the first users[ as you mentioned they are taking orders] of this as it is a site for users of emotiva gear. i also have emotiva gear but already bought a mf v-dac so i,m set. reviews are strong so far and it has flexibility of inputs plus you can use it directly to an amp because it has a remote control and variable volume[ i have read you have to be careful about matching inputs so it doesn,t come on too loud]. there are some specific questions about specs you may want to explore also. for 300 bucks it probably works pretty well. they also offer a moneyback guarantee so if you can wait you could listen to one in your system...
Thanks Hotmailjbc, I have browsed the Emotiva lounge fairly thoroughly but didn't find much of use there. Can you point me to the reviews you mention?
i.ll look around and get back later. i havn,t bookmarked any
i just typed in reviews of emotiva dac and then later reviews of emotiva xda-1. there are forum threads with comments on the specs, pictures and some comparisons and opinions. audioreview,,,emolounge review,,,head-fi,,,,,,chase home theatre,,,,computer audiophile. when looking around you may see some articles too. imo emotiva delivers a product that offers a value with performance above it's price point. they had an issue with some snags in their ht processor that irritated customers. but their amps, preamp and cd player are very well built and have almost universal good reviews for where the product lies in the realm of high fi products. my cd player had a hicup in the first month not ejecting cds. i got a new one immediatley and it has a 5 yr guarantee. who else offers that? i am not a fanboy haha even tho this probably sounds like i am. but as i stated i use a hrt music streamer and a musical fidelity vdac and a peachtree decco's dac. i am sure i would be happy with a cambridge or a ps audio or a benchmark or wadia or a xda-1,or a nuforce. but i don,t sweat 300 dollar purchases because this is my hobby and i don,t have a bass boat or play golf. my goal this time was to build a powerful system without spending the big bucks some other products out there cost. this is the fun to me because i can always build another one but for now i am listening to alice in chains unplugged and it is rockin here. good luck
they only sent out one batch of the XDA so far, seems alot of people are having issues with the volume control. Emotiva has come out with a fix for the problem and people are sending there units back in to get it. i was put on the reserve list back in November and have yet to hear anything from them. im thinking they are waiting to get this issue sorted out before they continue shipping again.
I was on the reserve list and recently was advised that they will ship in February 15th. With the volume control issue I will wait a little while longer to be sure the fix is correcting the problem. Still it is a good value, assuming no other problems show up.
thanks for your input folks - i have been searching & haven't found much in the way of user reviews (mostly just back & forth about about features, etc.). but apparently this is b/c so few have shipped so far. i did pick up on the volume issue - & also some complaints about bass levels(?).

i was thinking about starting with one of these - though the wyred4sound dac2 looks very tempting too (but in an entirely different price league).
i think a reviewer in stereophile gave it a thumbnail sketch review as a best new product. but you are right in observing it is new and there are some questions/issues so far.
saw the reference in stereophile but it seemed to be referring mainly to the array of features offered (rather than SQ) & in fact, it wasn't clear whether the guy had actually heard one.

as with many of the more complicated Emotiva products it does seem as if there are initial bugs. i hope they resolve them more effectively than they did with their ht processor!
yeah they had many customers unhappy over that. i fortunately only go stereo and didn,t try that product. i am very happy with their amp, pre and cd though. but if i was going to spend some big dolllars there are other ways i would have gone.
Wondered if there was any user experience - or reviews - available (from sources other than the Emotiva Lounge) on this DAC yet?
I was an early adaptor and ended up sending it back after 2 weeks

The XDA has a very rich feature set for the money but I found it was lacking compared to the competition in that price range. I have a very revealing setup, and with that being said I found the highs where rolled off and the bass was overly boomy. My Monica2 (NOS) DAC fit nicely in that price range and out performed it all around. While the Monica2 doesn’t go as low as the XDA, it doesn’t make things sound like mud either. Monica also had better control of the high-end, and was far more musical.

The XDA is OK but you can do a lot better.
I also had owned an XDA-1 and had return it dissatisfied. The volume control was an issue but apparently has been addressed since but sound quality isn't anything to write about.

Just as Ts0711 wrote, the bass is bloated and doesn't show much pitch or definition. The midbass and midrange dynamics while is an improvement over the Mac Mini, falls quite short of my Marantz SA-11S1. The treble range recessed and doesn't take any air or space of any kind.

Is it worth its dollar? Well, yes. It does improve the sound compared to my Mac Mini analog. It can not on the other hand be considered a high end killer. I didn't keep it as I knew it wouldn't meet my expectations in the long term.
I use the BB OPA2134 as a headphone amp.
For this use, a little 'opamp rolling' may yield benefits.

As it stands, would the DacMagic for maybe a 'c' note more, be an improvement?
FWIW, tried the XDA-1 but eventually settled on the Eastern Electric Minimax which was markedly better. Thanks all for you input!
After a whole month of break in, I spent the past 2 days listening to digital music and am pleasantly surprised to find no "digital harshness", just music... Been listening to Pandora Music thru a Sony PS3 to my new XDA-1 via optical link, connected unbalanced to my amp, PS Audio Hca-2, driving Ambience Superslim 1800SE... At initial set up the sound was promising but a bit harsh and the mid's sounded metallic... 200 hrs of break in later the sound became more musical and the midrange less harsh but there was still a metallic edge to it... Now, am just enjoying the music and am truly happy at how the XDA-1 delivers the goods. No harshness, no digital glare, great sound and good music... WOO HOOO....
Anyone know how the XDA-1 compares to a Vdac?
I've had the XDA-1 for a few months now and I absolutely love it. I have it in a minimalist computer audio setup listening to 24/96 and 24/192 files from HDtracks.com. The XDA-1 directly drives our trusty Adcom GFA-535 MK II via LAT international silver interconnects. The Adcom is directly driving a pair of Pioneer bookshelf speakers. The sound is, quite frankly, breathtaking and free of fatigue. I can and have listened to music over this setup for hours at a time and have been completely enthralled. The remote is solid and built like a tank. The display is beautiful and classy. The entire unit looks like something which should cost $1,000. Emotiva really has outdone themselves with this piece of gear. It has a very high wife approvement factor and the simplicity of use is appreciated. The XDA-1 negates the need for a preamp so if you truly want a simple and clean setup then this is your best choice.

Heartily recommended!
I just got mine. I give it a thumbs up, although the only things I've had to compare it to are the internal DACs of the receivers and Pre/Pros that I've had. I'm now listening to the best quality music I've ever heard in my home.

Ignorance is bliss, since I don't know any better.

In any case, I'm using mine as a pre amp for all of my digital sources, to include a CD player, DVD, Apple TV and Sonos. It works fine, very fine, as a pre amp.

My only gripe, if I can call it that, is that the minimum volume is maybe a little too loud. It goes from nothing right to a low listening level, that may not be low enough for night time listening when everyone else is asleep. Still, the previous concerns of not having enough control over the volume have been remedied. The volume control is not unlike that of an infinitely variable knob. You can hold the volume button down and the level increases on a very gradual slope.

I like it and I think I'll keep it for now.