emotiva with rxv 2700 as pre/pro?

Hello there,

I have a Yamaha rx-v2700 receiver and really enjoy it, (hooked up to Definitive Tech BP 7002 and clr2500 center along with infinity bookshelf rears and infinity rear small center channel).. But i sometimes find there is something missing,, like i could be getting a little more clarity or loudness or something.. I have an old Sunfire Cinema Grand 5 channel 200 watts but not sure if that will help me as i think it is too tubey sounding and laid back for movies and most music.(and it has a little humming issue to boot, i hope these amps don't).. I have been looking at these amp(s).. I was thinking about possibly the XPA-3 to power my front(s) leaving my Yamaha to do the rears.. but i don;'t know.... What is the sound characteristics of these amps? I LOVE the way the Yamaha sounds.. just feel it needs a tiny bit more "clarity" .. I also have a Sunfire Sub which i like alot too...I don't have a lot of $$ to spend and will probably also need to hook up another Monster Powerstrip.. but i only have two electrical outlets on my front wall.. one has the Ymaha and CD players etc, and my DLP TV and the other outlet has the Sunfire sub. Anyway, thanks for any advice! reagrding a potential purchase! Looking at either the Xpa-3 or possibly the XPA-5!


Mike in Vegas (where there is basically NO high-end audio shops out here)!!
Either would probably be fine - heck, most any decent 2-channel w/ some real ooomph will do the trick. Our Yamaha was OK but in my infinite wisdom decided it was somehow "lacking", went and dropped in a used 2-channel w/ @least 140/per, and calibrated by the book and it seemed better (but of course, not perfect). Then I got to messing around and sorta calibrating by meter & ear, adjusting center level just so, etc. - and I'm sure it was 99% dumb luck (extra emphasis here on dumb) but hit the right combo. That whole room now sounds right (enveloping, whatever snooty phrase) and it's not just to me - practically everyone who shows up makes some unprompted comments and they're all positive.

The Emotiva's will have the ooomph, for sure - and so will a lot of other things, too. The main trick is to take the load for the fronts off the Yamaha and it can pretty much handle the rest just fine. If you can find a deal on a used amp w/ maybe 150W/per you mght be able to same yourself a couple of bucks and get lucky, too.