Emotiva UPA-7 question

Hi,all. I am posting in analog because that is where I want the biggest improvement, but I am asking about a multi-channel amp because my system currently has to function as both home theater and audio. Here goes: I am trying to get the best of both stereo and home theater out of my system, but am not sure where I'll get the most improvement. I have a Denon 3808ci receiver which is very nice, but probably is the weak link.(?) I use 7.1 channels of Axiom Audio speakers (M80s front channels, side/rear QS-8s, and M22ti's for rear channels 6 and 7, and EP500v2 subwoofer. I listen to hi-rez (SACD/DVD-A) rock pop and jazz and enjoy vinyl on a Rega turntable with Shelter 501 cart, Jolida phono pre-amp, and counter weight and vta mods. I listen to both stereo and multichannel hi-rez sources. But, I still do not think my vinyl listening is as good as it could be. The Denon has lots of power and is a solid receiver, but maybe I should be using a pre/pro setup - I don't know. Could you please advise whether getting the Emotiva UPA-7 would make any difference in the sound quality of my system or should I first focus on changing out the denon? The home theater stuff is just fine and the amps in the denon are fine for that, but I would like my cart to reveal more of the vinyl information and my hi-rez music to sound much better than regular cds. Thanks in advance for any help here. I am really just trying to make a plan so I can purchase as wisely as possible and don't want to buy an amp or amps if the bottom line is that the Denon will not allow my music to come through. I have enjoyed this denon and find it superior to my previous yamaha setups, but as everyone does, I just want to get all I can from my vinyl and hi-rez sources. Thanks for any and all opinions and experiences!
General agreement seems to be that the Denon is a very good unit - and you like it just fine for HT, right? Maybe what might work best for your direction is to go w/ a 2- (or 3-?) channel amp to really drive your fronts. Depending upon your budget, Emotiva also sells one heck of a 2-channel amp that will deliver more headroom than you're likely to ever be able to use. There are many other options, of course - and many very good values in other manufacturers and used gear. I happen to like my Odyssey amp driving the front two, and you're likely to hear many other good and equally valid suggestions for other amps. If you like your M80s then getting something to drive them well just might be your best ticket.
I just installed a UPA7 between my HK AVR 635 and Klipsch RF7, RC7 system with great results. Everything is better! Power, soundstage, clarity, images, tonal balance, frequency extension on and on. Now I wonder what one of the 2 channel amps they sell would sound like? :>)
Hi again.
I have thought and researched and got some nice emails as well as formal thread posts here, but I have decided to jump in and get the Emotiva MPS-2 7 channel amp to use with my denon 3808ci receiver and audio equipment. I am excited to see what this amp will do and am impressed with the company so far. They have answered about 6 emails prior to my ordering. My last two questions are:

1. The amp has a trigger connection that uses bare wire (pos and neg). My question is, where might I be able to find a cable with bare wire on one end and the proper fitting jack for the denon on the other? Thanks for any help!
2. Also, second question: Can I use just any RCA cables from the denon to the amp, like even the RBG video type, or do I need dedicated cables for the seven channels? Any suggestions here for where to buy would also be helpful. Thanks for everything.
Valgolfs: I own the XPA-2 and it really is a great amplifier. Was a huge improvement over my two NAD C272 amps.
Sorry to use up your valuable time, y'all. BUT D'OH - big brain fart. I think I got caught up in the expense of my new amp and was taking big shortcuts in thinking about interconnects between receiver and amp. Why would I use cheap cables (crappy not quality that is) on such a big new item purchase? I think I will get some blue jeans cables which I know are at least better than extra rca's I have in my junk drawer. Can't believe I was going to scrimp here. Still please advise if you have other suggestions for me. Thanks.