Category: Amplifiers

17 ½” D x 17” W x 4” H
Weight: 31 lbs.
125 wpc @ 8 Ohms
225 wpc @ 4 Ohms
Price: $269 + Free Freight (30 Day trial)
Warranty: 5 years

I recently purchased the UPA-2 amplifier from Emotiva (www.emotiva.com). Since many otherwise fine amplifiers have difficulties with low impedance, high efficiency speakers like my Klipsch KG-4, I was reluctant to take a chance on something that could not be returned. Given the low cost as well as the 30 day trial period, I decided to see what the UPA-2 could do

The unit immediately distinguished itself. I am particularly impressed with the clarity with which individual instruments can be heard and the life-like presentation of low-register instruments in the classical music that I typically listen to. Low notes on the organ and harpsichord and plucked strings on basses are well-defined and life-like, without being artificially emphasized. They are just more easily heard in the ensemble.

Thus, the layers of music within the Brandenburg Concerti are easier to focus on. Similarly, the overture to the cult favorite Broadway show “Mack and Mabel” is more enjoyable when the unusually broad variety of instruments in the score are clearly and accurately presented.

It may be that there are a fair number of Audiogon participants, like me, who have limited means to pursue this hobby. I can certainly strongly suggest that they consider the UPA-2.

Emotiva’s customer service before and after the sale is exemplary and technical staff is responsive to both phone calls and e-mail.

Please note that I have no affiliation with Emotiva in any way, other than as a customer.

My system includes a Rotel 855 CD player and an NAD T-163 Pre-Pro.
That's great. I was deciding between the UPA-2 and the RPA-2. The UPA-2 @ $249 seems like the absolute best bargain in audio. Although I opted for the more expensive RPA-2, I'm tempted to order the UPA-2 for a comparison. I'm driving Anthony Gallo Ref speakers.

I wonder if you are referring to the XPA-2 amplifier. I had originally looked at that, but, at around 70 lbs., the weight was simply too much for the cabinet shelf on which it would need to be placed!
While I continue to be happy with the UPA-2 as it's breaking in, I did find it unnerving that there was smell that lasted for a little better than 5 hours. Tech Support quickly responded to my inquiry by telling me that there can be a smell at the beginning, but that it should fade -which is what has happened.
I've never heard the Gallo speakers, but I would be very interested to what you think of them when matched with the Emotiva.

Good Luck!
I recently purchased a UPA-2 for my smallish listening room to drive my Revel F52 six-ohm speakers. The sound is awesome! I thought I would need 200WPC, but not with this puppy!
I was looking at the UPA 200 (125 watts ) per channel to drive a pair of BW PM1 speakers, there only 84 db sen, and only rated to one hundred watts of music but They Killed my trusted 16 year old Acurus A 200 Amp, at 10:00 on the vol dial so do you think it would work out? Glad I found this review TKS.