Emotiva UMC-200 vs XMC-1 processor.......

I used to own a UMC-200 home theatre processor and it was the best I'd owned. I scaled my system down to 2 channel with an Audiozen 2 channel amp, tube pre and dac all with seperate power supplies. I don't think it can get better than that. But movies are only two channel with lots of front end information. I am trying to decide wether to wait for the new Dolby Atmos and DTS-X processors later this year or try an Emotiva XMC-1. It seems to have all the connections I would need. Not sure about the Dirac Live if it is stable enough or not. Can anyone tell my the quality difference to the UMC-200 to the XMC-1 for 5 times the price tag. Please explain in any details possible. Thx in advance!!
Don't know the UMC but I can say that the DiracLive function is stable and works.
The XMC has virtually every part upgraded when compared to the UMC. The DAC is way better, same with video processing.
The question is: What is your source? I went with the UMC because my Oppo 105 does all the audio and video processing with the UMC just handling volume and sometimes source switching. The 105 plus a UMC is still much cheaper than the XMC.
Keep in mind that the remote controls are in my opinion the weakest link with Emotiva. You will need something else.
@Elevick, I had the 105 too and sold it B4 the 30 days. I think it sounds too extended to the point of loss of midrange body and low end. Midrange is really thin and bass is lacking. I traded it for the 103 just for video/USB/HDMI. I presently want to go with the top marantz ud7007 with burr brown 1795. The UMC-200's dac smoked the 105 but I wanted the emotion that none of these processors posess. Now I have an Audiozen Noah, Lustro tube pre, & Aedo tube dac all with seperate power supplies. Now I have the emotion but I know replacing the oppo 103 with the marantz it will only get better. I just don't know if the XMC-1 or a multichannel pre-amp will ever better these seperates.
I'm testing an XMC-1 right now, and it sounds amazing, better than the $6000 Directstream DAC, but of course that doesn't say a lot.

It appears to be buggy though...
I have Emotiva UMC-200 right now-Before that I had a Emotiva UMC-1(bottom of the line)-I just got a Anthem D-2+ARC-BUT have not hooked up the Anthem yet-I AM WONDERING THE SAME ABOUT THE EMOTIVA 200 VS EMOTIVA XMC-1-The Emotiva 200 sounds a lot better THAN UMC-1 but that's not saying much-The 200 high end IS NOT ROLLED & SOUNDS REAL GOOD- IF I HAD HEARD 200 BEFORE I BOUGHT THE ANTHEM I WOULD NOT HAVE NOT BOUGHT IT-(HAVE NOT HOOKED UP THE ANTHEM YET)-SO WHAT DOES THE XMC-1 REALLY SOUND LIKE?I AM USING A HALO 5 CHANNEL AMP WHICH IS THE BEST AMP I HAVE HEARD SO FAR!cruzinthrutheyears-THX!