Emotiva UMC-200 vs Primare SP31?

I wonder if anyone compared the two on sound quality alone? I have the opportunity to buy both on similar price but don't know if I should go back in time to get the SP31? Thanks.
I have a UMC200 for my second HT setup. It's not exactly the most feature rich and input/output friendly processor, but if SQ is your primary concern...it's actually quite good.

Most processors have tons of features and inputs/outputs that never get used, so it's nice that they created a product that saves you money and eliminates many of these things. Just make sure it has everything you will need.

What I like is that they focused on SQ and the Emotiva room correction included in the processor works pretty darn good. It will make this processor sound better than almost any other processor without room correction. It will likely outperform most 10 year old processors too.

The one caveat I have with the UMC200 is that it's firmware is a little quirky. I did have some problems with it out of the box, but customer service was good. However, in your case of comparing it to a used piece, the emotiva is at least giving you a warranty and customer support.

FWIW, I use an Anthem processor in my main setup and I would recommend them for great SQ in a processor, but they won't be anywhere near the price point of Emotiva.

Good luck
I don't know, but I sure wish someone here could compare, say, the Emotiva and or Primare, VS USING AN OPPO DIRECT FROM IT'S ANALOG OUT'S - bypassing an external pre/pro, and using DD/DTS and internal processing in the OPPO - DIRECT TO A MULTICH AMPLIFIER FOR MOVIES AND MUSIC!!!
...lay this thing to rest, for goodness sake, why doesn't someone?!! -tired of hearing audiophiles say they don't think they need a preamp at all!!

J'ai eu l'emotiva umc200 et le primare sp31, la différence est énorme.
Il y en a un qui est musical (sp31) et l'autre froid et sans âme (umc200).
La section pré ampli de l'emotiva est médiocre contrairement à celle du primare excellente.
Le décodage de l'emotiva est correcte, celle du primare assez bonne, meilleure que umc200 mais manque un peu de définition, le meilleur résultat sera avec une oppo haut de gamme genre 93nxe en analogique sur le sp31.
Thanks for the responds, very helpful. I will go for the Emotive as I already have a very good 2 channel and looking to add a 5 channel power to get 7.1. Best SQ is what I needed and not extra functions.
I had an Emotiva UMC-200 and it was quite good. I found the calibration to be way off though for EQ'ing. I now use my Oppo 103 hdmi with extremely good video, but the analogue isn't great, awfull volume control. I am awaiting Emotivas XMC-1 processor. I need XLR's especially for sub connectivity and 2 channel analogue.
I just wonder how older generation high end AV processor or the emotiva!