emotiva umc-1 issues

i recently purchased aumc-1 after owning a denon 3803 because i wanted to experiment into the dedicated pre/pro world. i currently setup with adcom apms 5500/5503, paradigm speakers/sub, panansonic 50" plasma, ps3, direct tv, and panamax conditioner. after listening to the umc-1 i hear an improvement in sound quality and clarity, the video processing is good too, but am having troubles with the sound modes, i can not get dolby digital surround from my ps3, only stereo and direct modes are available. i am hooked up through monster 2000 hdmi cables and can not get any surround from the ps3 to show up as an available mode on the umc-1. i have read many issues with this preamp and am having some audio drop out but overall i like it. it has latest firmware 7.04 i just cant figure out how to get more sound modes available from the umc-1. most of the sources i have tried only stereo and direct modes are available, no true dolby or truehd. any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. thank you.
Recommend you check the Emotiva Lounge forums. There are threads dedicated to the UMC-1 and more knowledgeable users.