Emotiva pre/pro & amp vs. Yamaha AVR??

I’m looking to assemble a really basic 3.0 system where sound quality is my main concern vs. features. I’d like to bi-amp the L&R speakers. System will be in our nice townhome’s living room so we don’t want a full array of speakers.

Would I do better purchasing Emotiva’s Pre/pro w/ 5 channel amp or a Yamaha Aventage AVR. Yamaha is feature heavy and I won’t take advantage of much of the connectivity. Emotiva (or Outlaw) is more rudimentary which I like. I’m looking at about 100 wpc. Source is BD player, over-the-air HDTV, and occasional Apps on smart TV.
Which is a better choice?

(I have Monitor Audio Silver S-6 floor and Vienna Acoustics Theatro center speakers for use.)

So what do you say?
 Go with something with the least amount of bells and whistles that you will never use!