Emotiva or SVS subwoofer for home theater?

Hi - my home theater is coming along and I need to decide upon a subwoofer - perhaps add one more at a later date but I need to start with one.

The equipment I have is
Emotiva ERT 8.3 Reference Towers (2)
Emotiva ERM 6.3 LCR Monitor (1)
Emotiva UMC-1 Processor (1)
Emotiva XPA-5 Amplifier (1)
Emotiva XPA-2 Amplifier (1)
and also I have four Paradigm ADP390 surround speakers.

The room measures13 foot wide, 19 foot long and has 9' ceilings.

I have looked at the Emotiva Xref 12 $699 (sealed) versus the SVS PB12NS $769 (ported).

We will be using the room probably 90% or more for movies - usually action.

Thanks for your help - looking forward to hearing from you!

Another option would be a HSU Research VTF-3 MK4. I had a VTF-2 and was a great sub. Can go down to 22 hz in extention mode and produced it clean.

I have not tried the Emotiva nor the SVS sub but heard great thing about the SVS.
With that much Emotiva gear Ollie they should have given you an XREF sub for free. I've read good things about HSU, Emotiva and SVS subs. Since you have a lot of Emotiva gear already just get the XREF sub to complete the set. If you don't like it send it back within 30 days.

For me I like Velodyne but if I didn't have Velodyne subs I would go for SVS subwoofers.
SVS sub's are a good way to go... but have you considered RYTHMIK AUDIO their subs work well for both home theater and music
I would get dual Epiks and use as couch end tables. IMO 2 is better then one.

I have a SVS Ultra 12/2 and SVS makes great subs. I miss having multiple subs though
SVS no compairson. I would look at your Emotiva gear some is good some I have had really bad luck with. Good marketing and sales pitch but like every other brand they make some thing well for the money and somethings bad.