Emotiva or stick with my Anthem??

Currently using the analog audio outs of a Pioneer 05
into my Anthem AVM20's 6 channel inputs (no HDMI). Staying
with this senario I am confinded to 5.1
Then I heard about Emotiva. With current model UMC-1 pre/pro listing at $700 and the upcoming XMC-1 at $1000
(with balanced outs) sounds intriging.
So is there anyone with any information about this company?
Any UMC-1 owners out there with any quick reviews?
Thanks in advance..
UMC-1 is not out yet so it's impossible to say...
While the Emotiva is full of features I will doubt it is better than Anthem until I hear TRUSTED opinions, not just enthusiastic rokie opinions as most buyers seem to be.
If it is any good its one hell of a deal for sure.
Chadnliz- good point about 'enthusiastic rookie opinions.'
But- whose opinion would you trust?

For myself, the guys at Audioholics seem stoked about the entire Emotiva brand, and I myself trust them. that being said, it IS a bit hard to believe that Emotiva can truly contend with Anthem. If they do though, the XMC-1 is definitely my next processor.
Mark -

What do you find lacking about the Anthem that is causing you to want to replace it?
I don't know this is true or not, but I thought you could send your Anthem in and get it updated for a fee.... I could be wrong...
See I feel exactly opposite about Emotiva BASED ON the absurd wolfpack praise on Audioholics, they seem to have an agenda to me and I question many members actual qualifications to actually present a review worth reading or trusting, Audioholics is a site with a budget mission and that trumps every other consideration IMO and makes most anything its members say somewhat suspect to me. If they could simply bring themselves to admit the quality or even allow opinions on Higher end gear to be discussed without a pounce by its many members who mock, insult and belittle those who think Hi-fi is often worth the premium then I would feel better about its content but its shown time and time again that a level playing field and fair treatment of those who suggest Hi-Fi is often but not always worth the price of addmission is simply too much to ask of its members and moderators.
I am not sure who is at fault and if there is any blame at all with the site and its enthusiasm, it could be a steering from moderators or hijacked by its many members. Now that my issue (which may or may not be justified or fair) has been noted I still am very curious of the Emotiva processor because again if its that good then its a no brainer.
Its sure is packed with features and looks very tempting, if its even half as good as it looks it could be some higher end companies may have some explaining to do!
I think your dislike of Audioholics is why I like them. They are an extreme opinion, to be sure, but they tend to balance my opinions and keep my wish-list somewhat down to earth. Tom Andry has said some horrible things about Anthem and their room correction, and it did piss me off. The 'wolf-pack' mentality is indeed disconcerting.

But I must admit I agre with their overall mission of countering a lot of hype and pseudo-science that permeates our hobby.
The mission can sometimes get drowned out by imature members and poor moderator practice...that crap makes them pointless as it just seems like a bunch of tweens posting there.
Hey sorry this thread isnt about another website and they really arent worth the mention. I would love to see any results on demo or owners of the new Emotiva if any are available.

Andthem is probably a bit out of my price range anyway. There should be some decent choices in between Emotiva and Anthem- thankfully it's not an either-or situation.
I own Rotel 1068 and my fathers owns Lexicon MC8 and to be honest there isnt all that much daylighte between the two.
I get around HDMI with straight HDMI video wire and internal decoder for disc player into multi channel RCA bypass........that saves A TON of cash!
I have used and like room EQ but its not a deal killer either....hell we got by without this long right?
Goatwuss, The Anthem is great, but no HDMI which means I'm
confined to a 5.1 system via analog from my BDP-05 player. I currently have two monitor audio gold series 10's as wall hangings.
Yeah honestly, I would like to hear the UMC-1 sounding terrific (if it actually ever gets released), myself. However, the proof is in the pudding.
Even a good review or two would not cement anything, imo. We, the people, still needs to get one OF these in our hands to actually see what's what! Until then, it's all sales hype, speculation, more he-said, she-said, and hopeful promises.
I was on the preorder list for the UMC, then the more I found out about it, I realized it wasn't for me. The topper was the DACs it's using, CS42518 is usually found at the low-end of AVR lines like the Onkyo 6xx. The hard core supporters on the Emovita lounge try to explain it away as "it's how the DACs are implimented" but you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. I do believe in Emovitas business model, but they still need to make a buck. So to the waiting buyers that think they are going to get a $2500 pre/pro for $700, good luck. I will have to hear it for myself before I would be convinced it will compete with units in that price range.
It's not just Emotiva being late with their new prepro; everyone else who demo'd at CES or CEDIA is late too. Except for the NAD upgrade modules, I have not seen any of the new prepros (or upgrade modules) released.

By the way, being able to upgrade a module, rather than buying a whole new prepro is to me, as good as it gets. And NAD's modules are relatively inexpensive (the Theta modules are going to cost more than a good prepro).