Emotiva MC-700 audio imaging

I have a Emotiva UMC-200. Sounds great but poor audio imaging. Want to upgrade to Emotiva MC-700. Does anyone know if this MC-700 image well? I use Bryston ampflifiers and Paradigm speakers. Thank, Mano
Because Emotiva couldn't do it with one, but somehow they can with another?
Sell the Emotiva gear. 
    I’m glad I sold mine, high gain, tweeter hiss,  

     Fine for beginners, the high gain and somehow makes speakers treble too bright.  

    Have a couple amps, both sound better.

     Will go to the rival Odyssey, the Kismets sound so much smoother , and after a while, put me to sleep. Emo hear never did this.  

     The amps are good for movies, ....
for music, I didn’t like them.  

    But, I hear there is some class A on the first 10-20 watts on a emo amp..?

  Either way, enjoy the music!!

I don't see a lot posted here about it which makes me worried. I've been eyeing it for a while. I currently have the XPA-5 and a receiver with pre outs. I'd like to ditch the receiver and go with a processor like the MC-700. I'm still rolling 1080p and 5.1, fwiw.

Anybody have it? Am I missing something about it - it appears to me to be an awesome product if you already own an amp, especially at that price point.

The new MC-700 is not going to be any better than the previous generation UMC-200.  The architecture/design is basically the same.  The only difference being that the MC-700 supports 4K HDR video.  They both appear to have a smallish switching power supply for the entire thing.  In my past experience, the Emotiva processors use slowish op amps and don't have the resolution and "separation of instruments" that you really want.  This does lead to lack of imaging.  I auditioned the more expensive XMC-1.  While it was okay, it was soft on the audio and I found that it was hard to understand dialogue in movie.  I kept trying to turn it up, but the dialogue just did not cut through the other sound (such as music and effects).  This may be an engineering decision to compensate for their amps (which can be very bright/fast and harsh)

If you're looking at this price point, I would highly recommend the Outlaw 976 processor.  I actually had this in my system for testing before I rebuilt/upgraded it for a friend.  The sound of the stock processor is very good, almost like a low priced Marantz AV7702.  It doesn't have the deep bass strength of the Marantz because the power supply is smaller, but overall it's excellent for the money.  The Marantz is going to be twice as expensive (retail price).  Although, you can get a used Marantz AV770x for $1100-1400. 

The design/architecture of the Outlaw 976 is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the Emotiva low end processors!  It uses separate linear power supply sections for audio, DAC and HDMI board (all running off a toridal transformer with separate windings).  Just be aware that the setup menu is somewhat cumbersome.  You get what you pay for, but the value of sound quality and impact is very good.  The high frequencies are there but they are a little bit rolled off (just like the Marantz).  If you want something that is going to excel in imaging and resolution, you will have to pay a LOT more (such as Krell Foundation or even an older Classe SSP-800 if you don't need 4K video).
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Rasiahm, to get good imaging and instrument placement out of a multichannel preamp is not easy.  First off, most music is based on 2 channels, right and left.

most budget avr preamps have just too many compromises which degrade the signal in the analog domain.  And employing digital processing gives results which are entirely different than what the artist intended.

Bottom line, what is your goal?   Two channel bliss out of a multi channel set up?  Or would you be happy with a good rendering in the digital domain?

Both can be pleasing, but to get both in one unit will probably cost you dearly.  I’d also suggest the above mentioned Outlaw unit, or a Marantz prepro.  Since you have Bryson amps, upping your budget could yield much better results over the budget Emotiva stuff.

For 2 channel audio bliss, I have a separate 2 channel set up just for music, but that might not be possible for you.
Thanks for all your responses. I ended up ordering the Emo MC700. Connected to cd player with optical interconnect. Been listening in stereo mode for a couple of days. It images much better then my UMC200. But not impressed with the rest. Agree with Auxinput2: Instrument separation/clarity is not as good, audio is soft. I may return it. Will check video and surround sound quality first.
+1 @213runnin 
For clarity stay away from Emo pre's period. The only thing Emo worth having in a system IMO is their DR2 amp which doesn't sound bad at all.
I was in your same dilemma a few years ago with a really good HT set up Yamaha 3080 with 9.2 polk lsim series speakers that also did music, or so I thought. I bought a Peachtree Nova 500 2ch integrated which is by no means super hi-end. But the stereo dedicated integrated upped my 2ch sound quality 100 fold I couldn't believe it even with the polk 707s. I've since scored a mint set of B&W N803s and the music just keeps getting better. What I learned is if you want sublime 2ch you have to pay and build for it, HT AVR will never cut it, it's just not made too. Although you could "settle" for good enough......
How long is the “able to return time”?
let the amp warm up a bit. 

   Had the older xpa1 amps, they did need a bit of on time, but never warmed up to them,. Too bright for me. Bass was descent, mids seemed subdued or veiled, treble was ....It gave me the “I want to grit my teeth and Had a shrill thing I could never get used to. Contemplated selling for years, even fleabayd them, finally not long after my post of “I still have them in storage, etc etc....they are now gone. 
 It’s like a boat owner, the happiest days of a boat owner are “the day you buy it, and the day you sell it.  
  Give another update on the sound of the new emo you purchased..........