Emotiva interconnect

Hi everyone, has anyone tried the the Emotiva IC cables?
Have there Power Cords, very good, a big surprise, i use 3 in my system, one on my pre 1 each on my Odyssey Khartargo Mono Blocks. For the price a no brainer.
Hello Highend64

I have the Emotiva Ultra Series ICs. Sound wise they are good but grip wise they leave a lot to be desired. IME Monoprice, Monster, Belkin and BJC ICs grip jacks a lot better. My Emotiva Ultra Series ICs were purchased on closeout and they have trouble gripping the jacks on a Grant Fidelity DAC-09 and jacks on an Accuphase C-200. Again sound wise I have no issues with them. For what I paid I'm happy. I'm using them from my DAC to preamp and preamp to amp.

I've read the Emotiva X-Series ICs are a lot better overall.
I am using 2 of their X series digital cables and they sound as good as any others I have heard in the 200.00 price range.