Emotiva ERC 3 cd player versus....

Dear fellows.I would like to make an upgrade from my Krell Kav 300 cd player to a modern cd player that could be used as transport as well.Emotiva offers at a very affordable price the Emotiva ERC 3 cd player?could it beat my old Krell kav 300cd?In which level of sound do you situate this cd player?Is this Emotiva a solid hi end cdplayer or may be entry level or hi Fi? Any experiences will be highly appreciated.Thank´s in advance!Cheers.Raf
The only person who can answer the question you have is you. What you're asking is too personal. For example, what's your definition of high end, entry level and HiFi?
Hi Zd542.You are wright, buy just because I haven´t had the possibility to audition it, is the reason why I ask in the forum.I´d better reformulate my answer...Has anybody auditioned the Emotiva ERC3 cd player?Which are your conclusions about it?any comparisons between ERC3 and your predecesor cd players....??Best regards and many thanks for your comments!!Raf.

By the way my personal definition of Hi end is developed by trade marks like Krell, Audio Research, Mark Levinson, Pass Labs etc.Entry level for me is Rotel, Cambridge, Lexicom. Hi fi the one you get at the shoppings malls.Just in my humble opinion.Cheers.Rafael
The Emotiva ERC3 is not high end. It is a $400 player after all, it is not at the level of a Krell or AR. And there is no shame in that.

So what is the ERC3 ... an extremely well built player that has HDCD circuitry and sounds pleasantly, but ever so slightly warm/ dark. If comparisons mean anything, the ERC3 sits in between the Rega Apollo and the Cambridge Audio 651 in terms of overall sound quality (proviso, to my ears, of course.) If you are familiar with the XTZ brand, it is on par with its CD 100/ Divine.

It is a nice player. It would do well as a transport. It would not be embarrassed by players below a $1000.

Every player I have mentioned, I have owned or currently own.

I own both the ERC2 & 3. I used them for a time in my secondary systems. I keep them as back-ups and swap them in occasionally. My current cd players in use: Musical Fidelity CD PRE 24, Rega Apollo, and Magnavox CDP630.

Why did I buy the ERC3, if I already owned the ERC2? Emotiva announces its next year's offerings at its on-site fest every September. The ERC-3 was rumored to be able to play SACDs and I placed an order without doing any further checking. Turns out not to be the case.

Emotiva has its own forum, if you wish to get other opinions.


I had the ERC 3 for 10 days and sold it. Very disappointed. Rolled off at the top. I sold the ERC2 to get the ERC3 and did not care for either. I use a Theta Jade as a transport now.
Hi fellows!Many thanks for your comments!I had the info I wanted to know.It´s clear to me that I can´t expect a superb hi end cd player/transport a this price range.I guess if I want to make an upgrade from my old Krell Kav 300 cd( which I am using now as transport), and not to spend a fortune, I should look at used transports of the nineties...for instance I would like a Theta Jade or an Audio Alchemy DDS pro,an EAD T 1000 or ARC CDT1.The only precaution I should have is to be sure that spare parts are available, and that´s not a minor issue.So, unfortunately my dream of having a brand new cd/ transport at a very convenient price will not come true.Again Hi End is a very expensive hobby.I will look for used staff of the ninties.Cheers and thanks again!Rafael
Why not just give the ERC-3 a try in your system? Emotiva has a very generous 30 to 45 day return period I think. The cost of shipping the ERC-3 back would be minimal. At least you would then know for sure how it will perform. It isn't like buying something on the used market, trying it and then selling at a sizeable loss if it doesn't mesh with your system.
Hi jedinite24.Thanks for your suggestion but I'm afraid this cdplayer is not what I'm looking for.Anyway everybody is wellcome to leave there opinions in this thread.I'm sure there are many emotiva lovers who wants to read other experiences.Fron what I can see they offer a very good quality products at a cery affordable price and that's is a valuable thing.Best regards!Enjoy the thread!Raf
"I guess if I want to make an upgrade from my old Krell Kav 300 cd( which I am using now as transport), and not to spend a fortune, I should look at used transports of the nineties...for instance I would like a Theta Jade or an Audio Alchemy DDS pro,an EAD T 1000 or ARC CDT1."

If you remember, the Pioneer transports were meant to be good quality, entry level units. They were OK, but really nothing special. I wouldn't expect too much of an improvement, if any, over your Krell used as a transport.
Hi Zd542!So which transport of the ninties would you recommend me, taking into consideration that I'll be using it with an EAD Dsp 9000 Pro and an ARC D 200 amp?Thanks for your suggestion!Regards!Raf
The ERC3 only sounds rolled off when compared to its predecessor which is too bright. It sounds every bit as perfectly balanced as my Onkyo C7000R which is saying a lot if anyone’s ever heard it on a good hi-end system. Just not as smooth and refined. I agree the ERC3 is as good as any player out there under $1K.
ERC-3 is outstanding (in fact, I'll go as far as to say it cannot be beat) at its price point, regardless of whether or not your intention is to use it as a player or transport.