Emotiva Basx a-100

Hello, I have a Basx a100 and it seems I have a scratchy pot on the volume knob. It has a scratchy distorted sound only when I move the knob. But it’s only in the right side, in beginning not knowing what it was, if it was the the speakers or not. I changed the speakers and it was still just coming from my switched speakers on the right side. Does anyone know if the volume knob comes off??

Because it could just maybe be the volume knob?? I would like to fix it if not. I been tugging at it a little and it seems it don’t come off, don’t want to mess around with it unless I know it comes off. Though it seems messing around with it made some of it go away, till the point it almost don’t do it, but then it does it again after awhile of moving it right and left.

I got it off ebay this way and was wondering if maybe there might be something else wrong with it. Because i had a basx a-100 before and it sounded much better to me, but I don’t have the same speakers. But it seems not all equipment is created equal. Because i also bought a Arcam Rdac online after having it before and sold the old one for 80 bucks. But that one seemed so much more warmer then one I have now. I would leave it on all day to play music at night and it would just shine extra, this one don’t do that. If you have good equipment remember to keep it. Maybe for the most part it’s just the speakers

I had Polk rt55i they where really a gem, very sought after.. I’m still trying a find a pair of those. lol. If anyone have some good cheap speaker recommendation that don’t break the bank at all let me know. anyways any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
If there is no screw on the knob, they just pull off. Some are a bit stubborn. Then blast out with some tuner spray.  
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I got it out and it got fixed, thanks for your help bro.

Just started moving it around trying to clean it.
contact cleaner: spray with the skinny hose thingy


spray, twirl the dials a few times, wait a minute, repeat

it is fast drying, but I blow before and after with compressed air.

If one control needs cleaning, it might be time to take the covers off, (perhaps the front panel off if you are handy and have the tools) and do a decent job of cleaning with better access to the switches/pots,

note: slide switches, be careful, often felt or foam dust/light seals are present, you don’t want to dissolve them. if they work noiselessly with no balance issues, leave em alone.
lol. I really don't wanna put and spray on it. But there's a little that just keep coming back. Then I turn it a couple times and it goes away. lol

When i get some money I'm going to get that spray, thanks bro.

Anyone know of some good speakers please let me know though.. Right now I have wharfedale 9.1 speakers.
Virtually all pots are self cleaning. Just exercise them regularly, at least before use.
DeoxIT G100L needle dropper works wonders.