Emotiva Amps and Processor for Home Theater?

Would appreciate any feedback of Emotiva amps and processor for home theater. I was looking at receivers but, cannot find a good 5 channel receiver. It seems manufactures are just making 7 channel receivers these days. Don't need or want a 7 channel receiver. I had a NAD receiver for 8 years but that broke. I started looking into Emotiva separates, they seem to be a good value. Are they worth it? Thanks for any feedback.
I think Emotiva amplification is worth it. In a smaller HT room I use an Emotiva UPA-7 amplifier along with an Outlaw Audio 990 processor for 90% HT and the occasional concert performance. The combo does a fine job. I've had no issues with the UPA-7 whatsoever or the Outlaw.
The OP has a phobia for 7 channel devices. ;-)

If I'm not mistaken, you can tell any HT receiver what channels you have hooked up. Some allow the extra 2 channels to be your remote system (the porch).
Of course. That's why I added the smiley.
IMO stay far away from the UMC-1. The thing was bug ridden and there are issues with the auto set up etc. Just read the thread on the AVS forum to see.

I've owned their amps, XPA-1's etc. Didn't care for them in 2 channel as found them to be too bright for me. If using for HT they were fine though.

Also as others said you don't have to use all 7 channels. They are just there.

If you want some good AVR's check out Pioneer Elite. The SC series is awesome and works wonderfully. Otherwise if you want to go seps, I would check out Integra or someone else besides Emo for that.
If the OP's issue is paying for the extra channels, I kinda get it. The good news is that - presumably - the bulk of the cost associated with "unwanted" channels fall to the power amplification - particularly if you're looking at equipment with a reasonably high quality power amp section.

Once you go with separates, the problem largely goes away. I just bought a 9.2 channel pre-pro for use exclusively with a 2 channel amp in a music only 2.2 system.

My advice to the OP would be to do the same thing I did. Accept the extra channels on the pre-pro, buy but a 5 channel (in this case) power amp.

I have no experience with/opinion on the Emotiva, but am very happy with the Onkyo I bought.

As Marty states, paying for the extra channels. Again, thanks for the feedback.

The XPA 5 is a nice amp. All you need for HT. However the UMC is just aweful. The entire unit is flawed with EQ issues & digtal distortion in the eq system. Also EXTREMELY buggy. Stick with their XPA amps only IMO