Emotiva Amps and Processor for Home Theater?

Would appreciate any feedback of Emotiva amps and processor for home theater. I was looking at receivers but, cannot find a good 5 channel receiver. It seems manufactures are just making 7 channel receivers these days. Don't need or want a 7 channel receiver. I had a NAD receiver for 8 years but that broke. I started looking into Emotiva separates, they seem to be a good value. Are they worth it? Thanks for any feedback.
I don't understand why you are rejecting 7.1 AVRs. They are the newest and you don't have to use the unnecessary channels. No downside.
I heard them at RMAf and was very impressed with the price tag in mind. I think they offer a tremendous value and they seem to have a good marketing approach.
The amps are great value but the processor has had problems which they are said to have resolved by now. The roomEQ and bass management remain lame.

Thanks for your input. Kal i was rejecting the 7.1 receivers because, i really only use 3 channels of the receiver's amps. I use my Plinius 9200 integrated to power the mains. Again, thanks for your feedback.
Ever thought of multi zone audio? You can use empty amp channels to power speakers in other room with seperate source and volumes, its really handing for patios, rec rooms or say bedrooms too. Emotiva amps are good for ht, kinda cold for serious music to my ears and as noted the processor has or has had lots of bugs and problems.