emotiva amps

I am interested in purchasing xpa1 but found out that they are 20a lines. Is there any way that i can run them through my Tice sig 3 with the high power 20a option.The power block has regular 110 outlets on the back?
Actually the XPA-1 has no issue plugging into a standard outlet. The XPR series which is their upcoming super high power amps do require a 20a line and plug. But the owner stated in their forum that you could just buy an adapter if need be, they had to do it the other way so they could pass the inspection stuff. With that said you would not be able to run the XPR at full tilt on a 15a line so... It's up to you.
Think I'll go to Emotiva and check this amp out.
Come onnn mann! I went to Emotiva and checked that out. What a bunch of crap. Do you realize how freaking loud that would be to use all that power? Five channels/speakers with 400 watts to each speaker. Just do the math and you'll understand.

If that's what they told you at Emotiva (use a differant plug),then someone there doesn't understand electrical service in the home. A differant plug is not needed for a 15a/20a line.

I would have to see some real world meausements to believe those claims of power, at that price.
Harley52, you did see the detailed Audio Precision specs on the Emo site, right?