Emotiva Amps

Has anyone heard this gear yet? Sounds to good to be true.
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I've heard BOTH ends on this one. One guy over at another forum had nothing but problems......he was Canadian and some import thing happened. Canceled his order.
Others seem pleased.
Emotiva is BIG over at AudioHolics.
I would never order anything outside the US.Took over a month just to get 1 album.At least over here I can at least threaten to come and kick their butts over a problem.You cant really fly to England to resolve something.Do you Like AudioHolics they're new to me?
Threaten to kick someones butt?, c'mon get real.

Go to audioholics and see how long you like it there, they love anything as long as it only cost's less then $500 and almost have a irrational distain for anything that many consider hi-end, "all amps sound the same", "no wire sounds different", "recievers are all you need" and so on. They love a wolfpack pile on of many things we respect here so its a very different world.
I was kidding Chad ,and I see what you mean already they were just too over joyed with the Emotiva.
do you mean Emotive? if yes i have there pre amp..& if there amps sound anything like the pre amp ,it should be amazing.
Different company Honda
A.H. has no real place in serious Hi-Fi but thats just my opinion, its more a club of "yes-men" and not really a subjective open minded forum.
Sure A.H is not a subjective silly forum, they are actually an objective forum trying to educate uninformed people like you who know nothing about engineering
Yes, the land of let's test a small two way bookshelf speaker in a 5000ft3 room and that all amps sound the same.
Hello... there are plenty of less experienced users at many audio forum sites including Audioholics... however, let's not dilute the subject of this thread with irrelevant things.

Emotiva makes great stuff and they are basically the cheapest play on the market for real hifi electronics. My future brother in law (I'm engaged) has recently gotten into audio, and bought their XPA2 amp and their RSP 2 preamp.

No, this isn't boulder, and it also isn't Halcro. There is better stuff out there, but it costs more. However, for $1,500 new for the combo, it sounds fantastic. Nice open, clear, dynamic sound.

Where else can you get a NEW 250WPC into 8 (500WPC into 4) amp, and full featured preamp (including phono, balanced to the amp) for $1,500? I don't think there's a single competitor who can do this for the price. Good build quality, and good sound throughout.
They're for real. They were my first foray into hi-fi. Great company with personable customer service, a 40% discount for current customers who buy their next gen gear (pre/pros only) and a fine line of low cost, well engineered electronics. the price cuts come from dealing internet direct and manufacturing done in China. Their forum is at emotivalounge dot com.

i concur about audioholics, though. i used to read that all the time but now am convinced its a club started by nerds with no money who couldn't get into the prom.
I love the reviews and the podcast, and agree with Tom Andry on a lot of things when it comes to avoiding esoteric snake oil.

However, I can't stand their discussion board. Sometimes I think Clint and Tom feel the same way...

That being said, I am very interested in the Emotiva gear, especially the upcoming XMC-1. If it really does comes within performance range of Anthem, Parasound or even Sunfire, then that will be the way I'll go. The AH fan-boy response turns me off a bit though.
I tried the XPA-2 amp on my system. It sounded much better than the Adcom and Rotel amps I have. The problem was that whenever I turned up the volume the amp would shut down. I had heard that the amp had problems with some speakers but I was suprised it had problems with the Tyler Acoustics Linbrook System 2s. I returned the amp and got my money back without any hassles.