emo umc1 and pcm...

Hoping someone can answer this...why when I start a bluray disc, the processor is showing pcm? It only happens before movie is played during all of the trailors. Weird thing is I get no sound during the trailors. Hook up via hdmi. Another thing when im using dvr I get no sound either. Any help would be appreciated.
i thought they fixed all these bugs. no?
Im not sure what's going on.
Do you select PCM downmix in menu?, if it even has this setting? Thats an awfully flwaed unit but just maybe thats a quick fix and yours hopefully doesnt have bugs.
You may have to do that in both player and Proc menus.
Called emo, they said I either need to update firmware or my ettings are not set for bitstream out on dvr and bluray. I would they would default to this?
Check and see and change it from PCM to bitstream (like I said yesterday lol)
I have a sony es bluray and there is not a setting to change it to bitstream.