Emmylou Harris - All I Intended to be - Love this

I am not a country fan but like her and this CD. First one I have ever heard from her. Any fans out there that can suggest some other great CD's by her?
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Yes it's very good, particularly on double vinyl with CD inside. Emmylou emerged from the crysalis of her country roots with Wrecking Ball (1995)-- containing excellent covers of Dylan, Young, Hendrix, & McGarrigles wrapped in Daniel Lanois's typically evocative ambient production. From there she began writing her own material-- Red Dirt Girl(2000) & Stumble into Grace(2003). The latter is IMO her mature & best work.
I'd completely agree with all of Dgarretson's picks with a special fondness for Wrecking Ball. You might also enjoy "Written in Chalk" the new release from Buddy and Julie Miller, as well most of Patty Griffin's albums (the exception might be "Flaming Red" which has a harder sound than her others), who does a few accompaniments on "All I Intended to Be" (which I enjoy very much as well).
I play "The Very Best of Emmylou Harris: Heartaches and Highways" all the time. Pretty good recording quality, and around $10 at Amazon.com

Man, I was checking out her site and found out that Emmylou will be touring with Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin and Buddy Miller ("Three Girls and their Buddy Tour") That's a show I'd not miss. Tickets are currently on sale for at least one venue. Also I was mistaken: Patty Griffin does not sing on "..Intnded..", but her song, "Moon Song", is covered by Harris.
Emmylou is one of my favorite artists. I generally prefer her pre Wrecking Ball albums. She's been making them since the 70s.

For best sound, she put out a 4cd 1 dvd set not too long ago titled Songbird. It's a collection of some of her favorite tracks from throughout her career along with quite a bit of unreleased material. The sound is quite a bit better than the cds released prior to it. The dvd is not anything special and probably should have been left out.

A few of my favorite albums are:
Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town,
The Ballad of Sally Rose,
At The Ryman (really good live set with the Nash Ramblers, an acoustic/electric band including Sam Bush),
Cowgirl's Prayer

IMHO you can't go too far wrong with any of her earlier albums. Her voice started to go around Wrecking Ball and she moved away from her country/country rock roots. All I Intended To Be is a bit of a return to her earlier style.

In any case, you're on to a great artist and have a lot of really great music to discover. Enjoy!

I was disappointed by her last album...just doesn't seem to get to me like she usually does...she almost sounds bored. dunno... I like what I've heard of the new release with Tom Rush so far....
and yes, get all her early material, all of it, you can't go wrong there.
Actually, she "emerged" when she met a crazy, out of control Gram Parsons. If it wasn't for her, Gram would not have recorded one of the best country rock Lps of all time.
Gram Parsons- Grievous Angel. Emmylou shines behind Gram.
Of my 2k+ lp collection, it is in the top 10!!!
emmylous boxset songbird is great and it is always in heavy rotation in my listening room,the packaging could be improved but the music and quality are both very good
Her 'Duets' album has some absolutely wonderful pairings, Emmylou with Roy Orbison, George Jones, Gram Parsons, Willie Nelson, Neil Young (and a couple of really unfortunate ones.) It really shows off her ability to make any singer and any song better.
Don't forget her recent collaboration with Mark Knopfler, "All the Road Running."

She's the Godmother of Alt Country. She makes other country female stars look silly. I don't know what her secret is but she is one of the most well preserved women I have ever seen.

I love music of this ilk, but I have never been able to appreciate Grievous Angel.
Big fan. Saw her live 4/5 times-(can't rem.exactly how many x's) Saw her at the Palomino 2 or 3--Saw here at the Roxy on Sunset (had great seats) Saw her at the Greek or Hol.Bowl,can't remember which. Dolly came out of the audience and sang a couple of songs with her.
My favs are all the first--'cept Gliding Bird which are actually bad.
I never liked it when she would try to have a hard edge. That hard edge just ain't her forte.
Her first big debut: Bolder to Birmingham --My fav. not a mediocre song on either side.
I actually think her "here there and everywhere" is better than fab4's also her Pancho & Lefty is more to my liking than Cash and I think Kris K's version.---Love that voice.
Check out the DVD of the Real Live Roadrunning tour to see her perform some great songs, including Red Dirt Girl and Born to Run. She is a true beauty and sings like an angel.
I like most everything that she does but my favorite is her duet album with Linda Ronstadt called Western Wall: The Tuscon Sessions. There are a few moments on it that are truly sublime. Two girls that really know how to sing and are experts at complimenting each other's styles as they move from lead to backup and to straight duet.
Best way to appreciate her is to go to her show which is touring. The show is called "Three Girls & A Guy'. Don't buy any more of her cd's until you catch the show. Dates are on her web site.
I agree she is fabulous - one of my very favourites. I have tickets to see the Three Girls and a Guy in Va in May. She always puts on a great show and is incredibly gracious. Love her stuff with Kate and Anna McGarrigle backing her up as well.
Emmylou is hot. Nuff said.
Not, "Three Girls and a Guy" (though that works too), "Three Girls and their Buddy"
Yep, Emmylou is right up there with the best of the best! Spyboy,Red Dirt Girl,& Wrecking Ball are amoung favs. Saw her live at the Thomas Wolf in Asheville NC with Bruce Cockburn,Tift Merrit,and Patty Griffin. One of the best shows I've ever seen. It was just those four and their guitars singing each's songs. Tift Merrit was a last minute substitute for Mary Chapin Carpenter who couldn't make the show for some reason. It was good because Tift Merrit was just starting out and very hungry and to be playing with such a line up was a good kick in her career.
Emmylou is hot.

Agreed..especially in the days with G.P. After that my favorite is 'Wrecking Ball'.
The early stuff is what I like best. Elite Hotel is my all time favorite. Will have to revisit Wrecking Ball as I maybe listened to it twice.