EMMS Labs CDSA vs. AA Capitole Reference SE

I own an Audio Aero Capitole Reference SE. I have enjoyed this player since I have owned it. Support could have been better but the sound made up for that! I'm going to audition an EMMS Labs CDSA with the new German transport and most recent software, in the coming days. I am looking for comments as to what I should expect between the two units. Performance, quaility, which is better, strengths, weaknesses, ect. I know the bottom line is what I hear is what makes the difference. However, I value A'gon members and thier opinions and would like any comments that you may have! Thank you in advance for your responses ........
Zenieth - have you listened to the EMM product yet and compared it to your Audio Aero Capitole Reference SE? If so I'd be interested in reading about your impressions.

When I spoke with the North American importer, he said that one of his dealers said it best by saying "if you like solid state, buy the EMM Labs, if you prefer tubes, then buy the Audio Aero." Interpret that as you may.

I'd interpret it as nonsensical and meaningless without context. :)

One reviewer dubbed the EMM player 'the single-ended triode of CD players'.

I haven't heard it.
I have owned the AA Capitole (not reference SE) and currently own the CDSAse. In a nutshell, on SACD for me EMM is incredible. On CD the EMM & Capitole are close. The description of the "tube" like sound of the AA is actually more correct than not IME. The AA has a beautiful musicality on CD that was great. It did lack bass and dyanamics. The EMM is not SS in sound but pulls away from this stereotype. The Reference SE is also supposed to be improved of the original in this regard. All in all, the EMM is truly an SACD player 1st and CD player 2nd with no covering up a bad recording or poor CD conversion etc. The AA is slightly more forgiving and might be better for some. I honestly believe there is no player that does it all.
Zenieth, in few words :if you have a SS concept based system and ypu want to add an amount of mellow you prefer the AA Capitol cd playe.
In case you have a''tube concept''based system ,you add the transparent and neutral EMM CDSA one bocx player.
BTW i recently would to change acoustic concept and i passed to the SS components , so a trade with my EMM CDSA and the yours AA SE Capitol Ref is acceptable whenever you desire.

i owned EMM Labs for years (have had the CDSA in my system) and did own an AA Capitol Mk2 back 'in the day'. the EMM Labs is going to be higher performance and if your system has a natural balance i would recommend the CDSA. it is less forgiving and tolerant of any recording that might tend to be a bit hard sounding.....and as dgad mentions it is particularly good at SACD.

i don't want to get off topic; but i might recommend thinking about getting a digital player with hirez server DAC capabilities if you are going to be making a change. it's possible that the latest CDSA has this capability but if it does i'm not familiar with that.