emmlabs wilson owners interconnect advice


I was wondering what 'goners recommend for interconnect between the emmlabs dcc2 preamp and their amp. It would be great if someone has the emmlabs and the wilson watt 7 puppys to chime in with advice. Lamm owners please give me your two cents too.

I am currently using the nordost valhalla. I had switched out my nordost red dawn speaker cables to audience au24 and felt that was a better fit for the emmlabs lamm and wilson equipment. Now I am wondering whether the valhalla while excellent in its own right among people in the know is synergistically suited for my system.


Tried a lot of wire including the ones you mentioned in a number of EMM Lamm Wilson systems, and the short list for me was Purist Dominus and Venustas, PranaWire and Siltech's stuff. I'd go to the cable company and other dealers to see if you can borrow it to hear for yourself which meet your sonic objectives.
Transparent.... the valhalla is not a good match... wilsons are hyper detailed and so are nordost.

Too much of a good thing?
BTW, KarmaPolice - what is the amp? Also assume you're running direct from DCC2 into them?

I am using a lamm 2.2 hybrid amp.

Based upon an email from Lamm telling me which interconnects they have had success with in their shows they have attended, I am going to demo purist dominus balanced interconnect to see if it works better in my system. I am also going to demo the audience au24 ic because I am currently using its speaker cables.

Dominus works best in an all Dominus system, FYI. It'll sound great on it's own but you won't be hearing the whole enchilada.
Well two days into the test and I must say I am very impressed with the purist dominus. It has a fuller sound than the nordost. I think for my system the purist appears to be a clear winner. I am sure there are systems where the valhalla is better. Again, I believe at this level of quality its all about synergy. Yes I am sure dominus speaker cables would be a nice addition to but the budget is not there for that. I might see later in the year to bump up to the new purist anniversary aqueous cables or venustas.