Emmlabs transport/DCC2, AA Capitale MK II or Wadia

861 or Simaudio Eclipse (with Placette RVC) for primarily alternative rock, alt-country, rock ... not heavy metal groups e.g. Radiohead, Ryan Adams, Muse, Wilco, Beck, White Stripes, Strokes, U2, Aimee Mann, PJ Harvey, Lucinda Williams, REM, Air, Stereolab, Sigur Ros, Interpol, Doves, Chili Peppers etc... In terms of the emm labs equipment, I own very few SACD's (not much software available with these sort of artists), but I was interested in the potential of converting my Redbook CDs to DSD via the DCC2 as one option.

I am looking for which might be the best to use direct with say a Tenor Audio 150 Hps amp. I know the Simaudio Eclipse doesn't have a built-in "preamp" or volume control but I would perhaps use the Placette RVC with it. I want a fairly natural, musical sounding player, but still dynamic enough to handle this kind of music with sufficient bass (but not exaggerated) ... Avoiding a preamp will help keep me within my overall budget (assuming I go with a used/ or demo amp).

Thanks for your opinion. Unfortunately, locally I only have the opportunity to listen to the SImaudio. I will be traveling this summer to listen to the other alternatives myself. But, helpful advice one way or another may help save any unnecessary trips.
Hi Thom_y:

As for how the EMM gears does when run directly into amps, I do not know, but it is clear that EMM digital is in a class by itself, be it redbook or SACD.

It is also nice to see that you are expanding to Tenor, etc. Really fine stuff.

Good luck.
Raquel, why do you believe that EMM is in a class by itself?