emmlabs into wall outlet or into shunyata hydra?

Wanted to get input on using the emmlabs dcc2 se edition preamp/dacd and cdsd se edition transport into the wall outlet directly or through a shunyata hydra power conditioner.

I am using the emmlabs with a dartzeel amp and wp7 speakers.

I previously had the lamm 2.2 and some noise issues so I got the hydra. I am using a shunyata hydra power cable with the hydra. Previously, I liked the sound better with the emmlabs equipment going through the hydra and the lamm directly into the wall. Now I am tentatively finding that directly having the emm labs into the wall as well as the dartzeel into the wall works works better. If this holds up, I might end up selling the hydra and its power cable.

I was wondering what experiences are like for other emm labs owners who have used power conditioners.
Hello Karmapolice, I have an original Shunyata Hydra line conditioner with a Shunyata Anaconda Alpha Helix powercord going to the wall. I also have an Electraglide Epiphany powercord on my EMM Labs cd/sacd player, which is plugged into the Hydra. I use the Hydra for sources only. I just tried my Electraglide directly plugged into the wall for about 30 minutes. No contest... The EMM Labs plugged into the Hydra was a clear winner. Without the Hydra, the EMM Labs lost low level detail, clarity, bass definition, etc. and became a bit hazey. I've always found that preamps and amps are better plugged directly into the wall, while sources have always needed the Hydra. Since you're using your EMM Labs as a preamp, I don't know if this helps much though. Stan

the emmlabs dcc2 preamp and dac are in the same unit but the transport is a separate unit. Are you using the dcc2 only as a dac or are you using the new all emm labs all in one unit cd/sacd player?

Hi Michael, I'm using the EMM Labs CDSA CD-SACD player, which is their new one box player. Also, it's still breaking in at 600 hours playing time. I'm using an Electraglide Epiphany on the EMM Labs player right now, so my results might change with a different powercord in the equation. I've been told that the Jena Labs Power One powercord is a good match for EMM Labs, but I haven't had a chance to try one yet. Best Regards, Stan
Hi Michael, I recently borrowed a Siltech G6 Ruby Hill powercord to use on my EMM Labs player. It gave a better performance plugged directly into the wall than the Electraglide did, but the soundstage diminished noticeably compared to being plugged into the Hydra. Instruments and performers became much smaller and there was a lot less exact placement of instrumental space. I'm looking into buying a Ruby Hill. It's a pretty good match for the EMM Labs player, as is my Hydra. Stan
Michael, i have had very good performance from both the Jena Labs Fundamental one and the Evolution Acoustics power cords.

both have in-line conditioners that both quiet the circut and provide a filter than eliminates back feed of noise back into your circut.....which is significant. they both truely isolate each piece of gear.

i used the original Hydra for awhile......the Jena's were quite a bit better with a lower noise floor and blacker blacks.

another thing i have found even more significant than power cords is the Oyaide RS-1 duplex outlets and outlet covers.......which actually are more significant than the power cords......as crazy as that sounds.....

good luck.
I have my emm-se boxes plugged into the Hydra 8
(All Anaconda AC cables-Alphas & VXs). It just smooths things out. I even have my amp in the Hydra (a little less slam and bass definition but sweeter highs).
I also have my heaphone amp (old headroom max)
plugged into the hydra.
By the way--the emm through headphones is really
awesome. The emm really shines with detail, realism
and big images and lots of natural sound with phones.
Just Headphone heaven. Anyone with the emm gear should
give phones a listen if they haven't tried it.
Senns, Grados, AKGs, whatever, just try it.
(I need to post some details about this when I get some time...)
What headphone amp do you use?
Grado GS1000s with Moon Audio Black Dragon headphone
cable. Also AKG 710s (stock cable). Also
Stax Omegas/007t. The Grados are close to perfect,
IMHO--tonality, spacing, image size, ideally balanced between detail and relaxed-sounding-ness,
and comfort (they are very light).
All sound best with Kubala-Sosna Emotion ICs.
(I prefer all of these to Senn 650s--good a few years
ago, but now surpassed by the newer phones.)
These sound on a par with VSR VR9 or
Dynaudio Evidence speakers I think.
I have almost the set up as u Karmapolice and I use Shunyata cords as well as Hydra 8. Work well together very good indeed. If you are buying nwe, might as well as go for the new V Ray.