emmlabs cdsd and dcc2 and dvd-audio

A few people have been saying that the emmlabs cdsd will play some dvd-audio and was wondering what contemporary recordings if any that people have been able to listen to with the cdsd. How does it sound compared to cdsd redbook and other dvd audio players?

Anyone recommend a dvd audio player to complement the dcc2? I just want something good for a few dvd-audio titles so want something that plays dvd-a and dvd-videos but need not be fancy and expensive.


I am curious whether you ever picked out a DVD player to go with your emm labs gear. I have the same question, as I need a not too expensive DVD-Video player to go with my emm labs (still waiting for it to arrive), in order to watch movies and listen to the movie soundtrack with 2 channel sound.

Given that I really don't want to spend too much, and I really only need DVD-V playback (don't care too much about DVD-A) I was considering the Denon 2910 (vs. 3910). The 3910 is about double the price of the 2910, but probably would be better if I wanted to play the odd DVD-A disc. In terms of video playback, I am not sure they are that different ??
I ordered a Denon 2910 last week, primarily to watch movies as I already have CD and SACD covered with the emmLabs stuff. While waiting for my Denon, I set up one of my older DVD players (Toshiba SD3800 ?) and am running it's audio output into the analog preamp input of the DCC2 with RCA cable. Anyways, what I am finding is I have to crank the volume up to 70 or so to get decent output from my speakers, as opposed to usually setting the volume 20 to 30 when listening to music with the CDSD. I suspect the problem is on the output of the Toshiba DVD player, and I hope that the analog output of the Denon 2910 will be greater than that. Did you ever get a DVD player ?

No I am still waiting on the dvd player for dvd audio until I get a HD tv and then will find the right dvd video/audio player.