EMM vs Remiyo

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare an EMM combo (DCC2/DAC6 + CDSD) against a Reimyo CDP-777 (or combo) in the same system? If so, how you would characterize the sound of each when compared thusly?

I'd prefer to keep this thread focused on a simple comparison of EMM/Reimyo, since there are lots of other threads in the archives discussing digital front end equipment in a more diffuse way. Thanks.
Jeffreyb own's both. Maybe he'll chim in.
Pardon me folks, I somehow missed the previous thread on EMM vs Reimyo. It probably makes more sense to go back to that one if anyone has new info to post.
Just out of curiosity, where's the other Reimyo v.s. EMM thread?
I own the EMM combo and, a while ago, had a friend's Reimyo in for comparison. The Reimyo is definitely a SOTA player--no doubt about it--but I'll be keeping my EMM. The Reimyo had a warmish tone overall that have led many to call it more musical than the EMM. I don't hear that at all. In fact, I think the EMM is every bit as natural sounding as the Reimyo, but is more accurate and resolving, which may lead to criticisms of being analytical and somehow thin. In addition, the Reimyo, at least during my comparison, sounded a little tizzy on top--which really surprised me. And it doesn't have SACD--which, for me, is a sticking point. But none of these are fatal flaws for the Reimyo. It's built incredibly well and likely will outlive the owner. It's probably the best one-box player I've ever heard. In my situation, however, I just liked the EMM better. YMMV.

When you tried the Reimyo, did you use the single end or balanced outputs?


I used the balanced outs. My friend who owns the unit goes back and forth between balanced and unbalanced, as there are things he likes about each.
I've heard the Reimyo in Jeffreyb's system compared to the LATEST CDSD EMM transport and DAC6. The EMM was better in every respect and overall sounded much more live and natural. The difference was not subtle either. We used the XRCD2 version of "Jazz at the Pawnshop" on which the Reimyo should show all its strenghts since both the recordnig and the player use JVC's K2 process.

No1Will, there is another thread "Reimyo vs EMM" that was begun on 5 05 05. It comes up in a search under "Reimyo" in digital.

Thanks to everyone who has answered. For the record, in the other thread some people expressed preference for the Reimyo in a back to back comparison of RBCD playback. Wish I could hear both in my own system.
Alex and/or Jeffreyb,
Which front end does a better job at resolving the venue information, spatial cues, and ambient information on "Jazz at the Pawnshop"?
Exlibris, that was the EMM Labs combo, IMHO. It was fuller, with more ambience, very balanced, extremely musical and lifelike.

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