EMM Transport V. Meitner Phillip Transport

By now we all know that the DCC2 is heralded by its owners as excellent and the true king of the DAC hill.

I am curious as to whether the EMM accolades is mostly about the DCC2 or also the transport.

I was hearing great things about the Meitner Phillip Transport and am curious as to whether there was a big improvement in the new EMM transport or not. Has anyone tested the dcc2 using the new emm transport versus the dcc2 using the meitner phillip modified transport?


p.s. Is the consensus among dcc2 owners that the dcc2 outperforms the preamps that they had in their system. Do Dcc2 owners who have or had high end preamps find this to be true. Anyone with a BATVK51SE or VTL 7.5 or top of the line ARC or other top of the line preamp owners find this not to be the case?
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The 10" British release is amazing. I like your moniker.
Ah, trying to determine if the CDSD and DCC2 are the 'be-all-end-all' of digital front ends and linestages, are we? ;-) I'm not sure the stereo world is quite there yet, but the at least we are ever inching closer.
I have the phillips and have listened to it with my DCC2 for 4+ months now and when the CDSD shows up I can offer my opinion on the two, however I am told from other Emm owners that the improvements with the transport are substantial.

As a preamp it is the best I have used, I am in a rush right now but I have tried quite a few preamps from the mid-thousands to the low-tens of thousand dollar range.
Both pieces (DCC 2 / CDSD) are exceptional and equally important. The Philips was a means to an end, but never really represented itself as an EMM Labs product.
As long as another "better" Dac doesn't come out, maybe this thread can be arrested !
Gets very expensive in this arena, and I'm sure the EMM gear is pretty up to snuff.
I agree with Jtinn, the Phillip's was a means to an end.

My Phillips no longer plays SACD, something to do with the chip. EMM Labs can not repair this particular chip, and Phillips is not sending replacements. Yes redbook still sounds amazing as do my DVD's. But the Phillips is now worthless for SACD. I will in the future get the CDSD for SACD and CD, and keep the Phillips for DVD.

We are all reluctant to tell of our Phillips woes because some might think of it as a negative to Mr. Meitner's gear. Nothing could be further from the truth. IMO it is still the best sounding.

If you have a Phillips SACD 1000 that works, EMM Labs may still be upgrading. My recommendation would be to go with the CDSD.

I am looking forward to Tireguys CDSD update.
hello tireguy

very interesting discussions

would like to know your opinion, but first my system: ML reference line: 31.5 dac + 30.6 transp + 32 preamp+ 33 amps- avalon osiris speakers: do you know them ???...(C12 supertweeter replaced by a diamond tweeter D-20 recently: same electrical specifications)-NBS monitor O PC's - all interconnects NBS black label-MIT EVO 850 shotgun biwire speaker cable

i'm living in belgium - europe
the listening room is 8 m x 4.5 m with inclined side walls: highest point in the middle is 3.20 m - corners and walls well treated with bastraps, skylines etc

to the point: would like to know your opinion concerning a possible "upgrade" of my source: meitner dac6 + cdsd or dcc2 + cdsd - and what to do with the ML 32 preamp: could the ML 32 be a good match with the dac6 + cdsd or do you prefer a combination dac2 + cdsd (and not using then the ML 32) ??...

i'am a 2 channel listener - mostly classical music - no analog (the ML 32 has yet a phonostage ...)

should another audiogon-member have an opinion in this matter, feel free to answer my questions here and now ...

tireguy, i also tried to contact mike lavigne by sending him an e-mail, but he did not answer ... maybe he did not receive my post ??...

greatings and
enjoy ...