EMM transport clarification

this is a quote form 'Positive-feedback online' reviewing the new EMM player.

"The results were no less than startling. As much as the DAC 6e Signature improved on the 6e, so did the CDSD Signature transport over the prior generation"

It was my understnading the renamed signature transport is unchanged form the prior transport except for the addition of a plastic drawer. Name changed to be comnsistant with the model line. I'm confused here. Could some one clear this up please.

Good pick-up. I noticed the same thing, but didn't post it here for fear of it going missing. Someone must be mistaken.
i'm confused too. i believe you correct. the distributor here last month said name changed only so its consistent with model line.
There is actually an audible basis for that comment in Positive Feedback. The Signiture edition CDSD is shipped with a new software program for Redbook playback. I've owned the two previous generations of EMM Labs gear (Meitnerized Philips Player / DAC 6 / Switchman II; CDSD / DCC2, and now the Signiture edition combo. The improvement in Redbook playback is not subtle- it is VERY close to their SACD performance. Their extraordinary SACD playback has been very well documented in the audiophile forums. Considering the enormous CD collections most of us have- this Redbook sofware upgrade is an important change to the original CDSD and an exciting audible improvement.
This is indeed very confusing. I could have sworn on my mother's grave they said the CDSD was upgraded including a new plastic drawer to replace a metal one but absolutely NO CHANGES to the DCC2 dac except for name change to remain with remain with current line.

There is quite a bit of confusion which maybe I can help clarify.

The CDSD was upgraded to CDSD Signature Edition. For most CDSD owners, the Signature Edition is identical to their units. The difference is indeed the badge to keep the look consistant.

In the case of the Positive Feedback review, the previous CDSD that was on hand was a very old unit which had some problems which might have been caused by a power surge. Indeed, the sonic differences reported were significant.

Most of what people are reporting with regards to the sonic improvements is really the DCC2e Signature Edition or DAC6e Signature Edition improvements. The CDSDse can be different sounding than some older units due to changes which had to be done due to vendors reworking of parts, such as transport mechanisms which change yearly. This is out of the control of any manufacturer that uses these parts. Whenever a drive mechanism is discontinued and replaced, there need to be software changes for the new drives to communicate properly. This is not something that we or other manufacturers want to go through, but the production of these drive mechanisms is not something that we (manufacturers) can control.

We are very pleased that Fbhifi and many others are hearing the very substantial improvements that were implemented into the new DCC2e and DAC6e Signature Edition models. Personally I agree with Fbhifi that CD is improved so greatly that it is very difficult to differentiate between SACD and CD.
Thanks for that clarification. Since my CDSD has been back from emmlabs, I could almost swear it sounds better ... it certainly is quieter too. I'm told the transport was not changed, but the software was updated. So, maybe that is what David and Fbhifi are describing
Hey Jtinn...I have the old CDSD and DCC2...I have asked about upgrading to "e" vs "signature"....I was told that the former can be done but the latter can't" that I would have purchase anew as the "old" versions cannot be upgraded to Signature...is that correct?
by the way congrats Jtinn...I saw that you have joined EMM Labs officially from their website.
Henryk: Thank you! There is no "e" upgrade. The only option you have is converting your DCC2 to the DCC2e Signature Edition.
Thanks for the clarification, Jtinn. I cetainly will upgrading mine!
Now if we could just get EMM Labs to put a pair of Telefunken 6DJ8 tubes on the analog output stage. 8-)
Jafox: You should listen to the new Signature Edition, you may feel like they are already in there :)
I couldn't agree more than what Jtinn has stated.

I would even go so far as to say that the Signature Edition with all upgrades IMO almost makes Redbook sound better than SACD.

As a tube nut I would also say that for a piece of digital equipment it has all of the beauty that a tube component possesses.

If I am not mistaken I had the first upgraded version done by EMM Labs. I have had it back now for almost one month and it is simply the best digital component that I have ever owned.

I did post a review here on Audiogon for those interested

I noticed on 6moons/news there is a summary of explanation about the new Signature series